Spastic Daydreaming










In-between laughing while watching this video, I couldn’t help daydreaming about how supremely cool it would be for us adults to have music flow into our bodies & come out in whatever spastic, wildly ridiculous, totally uncool-looking rhythm spasms…


…without ending up on YouTube!


Though, for babies, spastic YouTube videos are perfectly acceptable.

Because, you know, babies look cool no matter what they’re doing!



Sylver Lining Sunday


The Big, Bad Wolf

little-red-riding-hoodOnce upon a time, there was a young girl with no parents, and a little sister to care for.

Her name is Diane Tran, and she is a high school Honors student who works 2 jobs to pay for her schooling, and financially support herself and her little sister.

This young girl’s heavy academic load (because not only is she an Honors student, she is also taking advanced-level college courses), and her demanding work schedule sometimes means missing classes due to exhaustion, emotional turmoil (a result of both her parents having abandoned her and her little sister), or sudden changes in work schedules at jobs she cannot afford to lose.

Young Diane is stressed beyond her years, and carrying a load no average 17 year old can manage. But she struggles on, determined to make it work. And with the help and encouragement of her teachers, social workers, and the community at large, this admirable young girl is able to persevere.

But along comes a big, bad wolf.


His name is Judge Lanny Moriarty.

He is a heartless wolf with sharp, super-white dentures, and he wields a big gavel which he likes to bang down on his perceived throne.

This time, however, Wolf Moriarty banged his big gavel right down on a struggling young girl’s life.

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Stay Away From the Human Monkey, Honey!

Just saw this & had to share it!

Playtime Stopped By Gorilla Mom



This comment captioned the video on Quora, where I originally found it:

“Animals: What does this clip tell us about great apes?

I’m not sure if I am reading too much into this but it appears that the mother gorilla doesn’t want her child socializing with the rowdy little monkey.”
Adorable! (both kids!)

Twisted Mix

sketch-of-girl-in-blackWhen I was 9, I met a girl named Xaina. She was older than me by two years in age, but light years in Life.

Xaina’s parents were, I guess, hippies. They were pretty wild & psychadelic. There were no rules in their house. But I wasn’t allowed to go to that house often. Actually, I was forbidden completely. But I went anyway. Every chance I got.

Xaina was just too fascinating to stay away from.

She was the most mesmerizing kid I’d ever met.

Everything about her was inky…big black eyes, long black eyelashes, thick black brows, and wild black hair that flowed all the way down to the backs of her black-scabbed knees. Even her voice was inky – it had a gritty quality to it, like oil seeping through gravel. I always tried to talk like her, but I couldn’t get my Tinkerbell voice to obey.

Xaina was wild.

Like, WILD wild.

She jumped off high cliffs into rocky rivers. She ventured deep into caves where other kids had disappeared, never to be found. She loved swimming in the ocean while the tide was sucking out. She feared nothing, knew everything, and did drugs with her parents.

That, blew my mind.

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Štědrej Večer Nastal


SongŠtědrej večer nastal

Another beautifully played versionŠtědrej večer nastal

ArtistKühnův Dětský Sbor

Country: Czech Republic




World Music Monday