The Big, Bad Wolf

little-red-riding-hoodOnce upon a time, there was a young girl with no parents, and a little sister to care for.

Her name is Diane Tran, and she is a high school Honors student who works 2 jobs to pay for her schooling, and financially support herself and her little sister.

This young girl’s heavy academic load (because not only is she an Honors student, she is also taking advanced-level college courses), and her demanding work schedule sometimes means missing classes due to exhaustion, emotional turmoil (a result of both her parents having abandoned her and her little sister), or sudden changes in work schedules at jobs she cannot afford to lose.

Young Diane is stressed beyond her years, and carrying a load no average 17 year old can manage. But she struggles on, determined to make it work. And with the help and encouragement of her teachers, social workers, and the community at large, this admirable young girl is able to persevere.

But along comes a big, bad wolf.


His name is Judge Lanny Moriarty.

He is a heartless wolf with sharp, super-white dentures, and he wields a big gavel which he likes to bang down on his perceived throne.

This time, however, Wolf Moriarty banged his big gavel right down on a struggling young girl’s life.

Angry that the young girl was missing school days, Wolf Moriarty fined her $100 and threw her in jail.

That’s right folks. This big, bad wolf huffed, and he puffed, and he blew a struggling young girl’s life down.


If you let one run loose, what are you gonna’ do with the rest of ’em?,” roared this big, bad wolf in his cruel, Judgey voice.

When asked by a reporter if he could be more lenient – given the circumstances of this academically advanced but struggling young girl – Wolf Lanny Moriarty replied, “Yep, prob’ly could.”

When the reporter asked if he would be more lenient, Wolf Lanny Moriarty twirled the edge of his wolfstache, gnashed his super-white dentures and growled, “I haven’t thought on the issue because it could turn me soft.”

This week’s super-duper Smackdown goes to Texas Judge Lanny Moriarty.


Rather than help an academically gifted, morally responsible, emotionally devastated yet persevering young girl, he chose to fine her, send her to jail, and make her already difficult young life even more devastating.

Way to demonstrate extreme sociopathy, Judge Moriarty!

Hope your own kids aren’t watching!

Or maybe they should – this is a great lesson in what not to do to America’s youth!


What say you about this big, bad wolf?


Sylver’s Saturday Smackdown


11 thoughts on “The Big, Bad Wolf

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    • From what I understand, he had been removed in 2 other states before ending up in Texas. And yeah, the Sociopaths Club is filling up pretty quickly, but I have no doubt he’s on the waiting list!

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