In The Blaque

chameleonWe’re all different people at different times in our lives.

I don’t trust people who say, “I’m always like this,” or “I would never do that!”

Crap on top of poppycock.

No one is always anything, and never usually means until it happens.


I embrace schizophrenia. It’s closer to ‘normal’ than Joker smiles over managed emotion.

Here’s my typical week:

Monday: I love everybody! Come! Gather ‘round! Group hug!

Tuesday: Why, of all the empty seats on the train, are you sitting beside me? Sheesh!

Wednesday: Omg, my heart is going to explode. I love him. SoFreakingMuch.

Thursday: I wonder if I can fit my foot up his ass? With heels on?

Friday: People are so amazing! I wanna friend everybody!!

Saturday: Is it possible to bitch-slap the entire planet?

Sunday: Oh God, thank you for everything and everyone in my life. Help me bury my hatchet (because it’s evidence), and let love rule!



Here, I share with you my humanness in all its contradiction.