Happy Valentine’s Day!


And the winner of yesterday’s Valentine’s Day Opt-Out poll is….


North Korea!


Congrats to my ingenious readers who guessed correctly that Kimchi & kisses don’t make snuggly bedfellows in North Korea.


But it’s much more than Kimchi-kisses that keeps North Koreans from celebrating V-Day love…

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5 Medieval Facts of Valentine’s Day

valentines-day-heart-and-flowers1.  The origin of Valentine’s Day was not all hearts & flowers. In fact, the only heart involved was that of a priest who had his own ripped from his holy chest.

And the only flowers were those placed upon his grave.

2.  In 3rd century Rome, Emperor Claudius II decreed that men with no wives or children made for better soldiers.

So, guess what he did?

He outlawed marriage for soldiers.

3.  A priest, Father Valentine, saw this as a grave injustice. He defied Claudius’ ruling, and  performed secret marriage ceremonies for soldiers. When Claudius uncovered the deception, he ordered that Father Valentine be tortured & killed. Continue reading

V Day!


         V-Day is coming.





Or a diamond-encrusted benz would be okay, too. 😀


Pre-Valentine Lining Sunday

5 Medieval Facts of New Year’s

1.  January 1st was not considered a new year until recently. Most medievals celebrated New Year’s in mid-March, when melting snow followed by sprouting greenery signaled the awakening of new life.


2.  The first medievals to celebrate the New Year on January 1st were the Romans in 153 B.C. January, as a month, did not even exist until Julius Caesar created a new calendar based on the sun instead of the moon.

In order to synchronize the calendar with the sun, he extended the year to 355 days. It was this new ‘Julian’ calendar that included the months of January and February, and heralded the celebration of the New Year in January.

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Christmas Tree Culture

Love Christmas trees?

How do our Christmas trees differ from those around the world?

From New York to Brazil to France – even a tree in Hong Kong that glows with Swarovski crystals – each culture has its own decorative interpretation of this famous holiday tree.

Have a look at Christmas trees around the world!


Foreign Eyes Friday


World Christmas News Roundup 3

1.  North Korea’s state-run Uriminzokkiri website says that lighting the first Christmas tree is a form of psychological warfare and would trigger an “unexpected consequence.”


It’s no secret that North Korea does not like Christianity. But, as reported in Forbes, it’s hard to fathom anyone would go to war over Christmas trees.




2.  Christmas shopping the pawn shop instead of the mall?


Apparently so.

Pawn shops are giving malls a run for the Christmas dollar this season.




3.  Top 5 Christmas Sports Events this year include skiing, skating, snowflake dancing, and…


…a surfing, scuba-diving Santa?

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5 Medieval Facts of Christmas

1. Christmas wasn’t the jovial holiday of today.

In medieval times, the celebration of this particular holiday was taken very seriously, for it was a celebration of the birth of Christ. Hours-long masses were attended daily during this holiday – which lasted until the Egyptian winter solstice on January 6th.


But that didn’t mean there was no fun to be had after mass. Who wouldn’t need to party after praying solemnly day after day for hours on end? Long masses were followed by performances and dances in villages and castles.

In the villages, peasants reveled boisterously with much singing, dancing, food donated by the rich, and fountains of ale arranged by the King.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside


Song: Baby It’s Cold Outside

Artist: Norah Jones & Willie Nelson

Country: U.S. (Texas)

Genre: Holiday Music

Mood: Country Jazz smooths out holiday music to a fine, soft suede…



World Music Monday


Zulu Christmas Song


Song: Zulu Christmas Song

Artist: Siyabonga Cele

Country: So. Africa

Mood: Chills! His voice gives me absolute chills! I want to listen forever, and ever, world without end.



World Music Monday