The Most Happy

happy-danish-womanSocial scientists have created a World Map of Happiness by studying the overall life happiness of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe.

The results show that the happiest place on earth is Denmark.



Isn’t that a Socialist country? And, isn’t it rainy & dreary there most of the year?

Well, sort of. And yes.

Denmark isn’t completely a ‘socialist state,’ but does have socialist welfare reforms. And yes, it rains on a regular basis year-round there, with no true dry periods. In the capital, Copenhagen, it rains an average of 170 days out of the year.

But dreary? Well, maybe in winter – the sun doesn’t rise until 8am, and sets around 3:30pm. But that’s typical for Scandinavia. To balance it out, summer boasts looooong, sun-shiny days that last from sunrise at 3:30am til sunset at 10pm.

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Dicitenecello Vule

                                                                                  Song: Dicitenecello Vule

                                                        Artist: Mario Lanzo

                               Country: Italy

   Genre: Opera



Mood: Shivers all over…this dude’s voice is ridiculous! Can listen to it all day…well, for a few hours, anyway. Powerful!




World Music Monday


Tampon in Your Vodka?

tampons-soaked-in-vodkaNews reports from the German Baden-Württemburg city of Tuttlingen warn teen girls of the danger of soaking their tampons in vodka.

Tampons. Vodka.

Two words that should not be in the same sentence. However, this view is not shared by Tuttlingen teen girls.


And boys.

Yes, boys.

Tampons. Boys. Another set of words that should remain far away from one another, but instead are colluding anally.

Yes, anally.

Apparently, Tuttlingen teen boys have found a way to join in on the intoxicating fun.


What do you think of this new high?


World News Wednesday

Veni, Creator Spiritus

Song: Veni, Creator Spiritus

       ComposerJohn Dunstable

                Country: Great Britain 

                         Genre: Religious/Classical

                                  Mood: Angelic…empowering…wholly spiritual.


This is the song Joan of Arc and her soldiers sang on their horses en route to each battle.

Whenever I need inspiration, or am just in need of some feel-good, I listen to this song. As I listen, I think about Jehanne, what she must have endured, how unshakable she was in her faith.

And, inevitably, I feel uplifted, like I can do anything…


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