Stay Away From the Human Monkey, Honey!

Just saw this & had to share it!

Playtime Stopped By Gorilla Mom



This comment captioned the video on Quora, where I originally found it:

“Animals: What does this clip tell us about great apes?

I’m not sure if I am reading too much into this but it appears that the mother gorilla doesn’t want her child socializing with the rowdy little monkey.”
Adorable! (both kids!)

Society 101: Human Gorilla Games

grabbing-genitalsThe next time you want to show respect for your boss, should you grab his genitals?

Maybe not.

But according to “Games Primates Play: An Undercover Investigation of the Evolution and Economics of Human Relationships” – a book based on studies of “dominance games” acted out by non-human primates – this is exactly what a gorilla might do to his boss, or the alpha male of his group.

As reported in Salon, author, and University of Chicago professor Dario Maestripieri contends that “our social relationships have analogs in nature, especially within groups of primates. “While we may not go up and grab our supervisor’s genitals as a sign of respect,” Maestripieri contends, “We engage in similar acts that help us figure out where we fit in groups.”

Okay, so genitals aside, what social interactions do you engage in to solidify your place in society?

Think about it. Chances are, they are all “primal instincts.”

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