7 x 7 Link Award

I’ve won my second award!


I gratefully accept this award from the very artistic blogger who nominated me: http://buddhafulkat.com/. She is an amazing sketch artist with a talent that brings images to life. Check out her site – you’ll be impressed!

I also want to thank all my readers, who contribute wonderful discussions to my posts.   LOVE your comments, your participation, your support!


As part of my acceptance of this award, I must list 7 new blogs I’ve discovered in the last 7 days. But since I’ve only landed on these blogs in the past week, I don’t really know them well enough to give in-depth descriptions. So, I’ll let their blogs speak for themselves…

1.  Pubs Then & Now: http://pubsthenandnow.blogspot.com/

2.  All Things Considered: http://www.ginacolliasuzuki.com/all_things_considered/

3.  Talented Animals Blog: http://talentedanimals.com/blog/

4.  Photographic Wildlife Stories in Hong Kong: http://hongkongkwildlifephotos.blogspot.com/

5. From Europe With Love: http://fromeuropewithlove.tumblr.com/

6.  Not Without Salt: http://notwithoutsalt.com/

7.  The Entertaining Elf: http://www.theentertainingelf.com/


Have a sweet weekend!

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