Sick Snooty Loses Face to Sikh Beauty

What if one day someone took a photo of you, without your knowledge, and shared it publicly with the world?


Not a naked photo. Just a regular photo in which you are fully clothed, groomed to your normal standards, and looking beautiful.

And, what if that person who took your photo to share with the world did so, not in admiration of your beauty, but to ridicule you?

How would you feel?


What would you do?

Well, one Sikh beauty turned the tables on a sick snooty.

And that snooty turned the tables on intolerance.

Sikh beauty heals sick snooty!



Way to open Foreign Eyes!



Can you see Sikh beauty?

Can you see the brave beauty in this snooty’s public apology?


Foreign Eyes Friday


11 thoughts on “Sick Snooty Loses Face to Sikh Beauty

  1. wow thank you for sharing this article. Society can easily misjudge people based on looks/appearances, thats why most people feel that they should spend so much on cosmetics, rather than focus on whats really important. I’m glad snooty learned his lesson. 🙂

    • This is so true, Abby – we misjudge according to appearances without taking the time to consider that there is not ONE standard of beauty. The arrogance of assuming that our beauty standard should be met by everyone says more about our intolerance than anything else. I’m really impressed by “Snooty’s” realization of this – like a beautiful butterfly evolving from a blind moth! 🙂

      • Hey I like that 🙂 Your site is super interesting and I’m learning a lot in here. And you have such a cool name 🙂

  2. The nicest part of this story is that the man who posted his comments on Facebook later recanted and apologized for his insensitivity, calling his victim a “better person than he was”. She serves as a wonderful inspiration to all of us who are “different” (which is all of us) and her sensitivity and self-confidence are truly inspirational.

    • Exactly, J! I love this example that a “snooty” can be transformed, his eyes opened to the inclusion rather than exclusion, to the acceptance rather than ridicule of those who do not meet our own personal or societal definition of beauty.

      And I LOVE this part of your comment best: “…all of us who are “different” (which is all of us)…” Yessss! This! Exactly! We. Are. ALL. Different! And, thank God – who created us ALL this way! 🙂

  3. I have always been offended by the people who find humor in insults. I remember as a child watching Don Rickles and being horrified, but old Don was just a drop in the bucket to what passes for humor today. My mother always told me that you never made yourself look bigger by trying to make others look smaller. She was right.

  4. That is wonderful. Not only for the deep faith presented by that beautiful young lady, but for the sincere apology. If just one person a day would learn tolerance, we are on our way to a better world!

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