Default Bigotry

I really have to question how much “inclusion” there actually is. 


The default person in society is the most privileged – a cis, straight, white, able bodied man. Lacking any other description, this is generally the identity we assume a character has. If we don’t mention a race, we assume Whiteness. If we don’t mention a sexuality, we assume the character is straight, etc etc. 

And this is not a good thing – we shouldn’t think that way, this shouldn’t be our assumption and this shouldn’t be a societal standard.

But it is.


If we want to change that – and we should – then I can’t see us doing it with less visible portrayals. We can’t challenge this by only having marginalised characters in a book or on a show that are apparent only to those willing to do the homework.

We need to normalise the presence of marginalised people rather than casting them as the Other…


These characters should exist, we should have the full variety of diversity in our media. But we shouldn’t have them used as an excuse for erasure or tokenism. We shouldn’t be using research-required inclusion as an excuse for not bothering with text supported portrayal.

We shouldn’t be afraid of having marginalised people in major roles who are clearly identifiable as marginalised people.

— Paul & Renee (Feministe)



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We live in a world of infinite diversity filled with all sorts of interesting people. We can either choose to meet them and hear their stories – or we can allow our prejudices to limit our experiences and live our lives in cultural poverty. How we travel on our journey is up to each of us.”




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Santorum Agrees: Obama is “An Avowed Muslim” with “No Legal Right to be President”

This week’s multi-Smackdown goes to:

1. The bigoted woman in this video who said about President Obama:

He is an avowed Muslim, and why isn’t something being done to get him out of our government? He has no legal right to be calling himself President!


2. The bigoted audience who applauded her.

3. Rick Santorum for his agreeable response to this bigoted woman:

Yeah, I’m doing my best to try to get him out of our government.


And an additional Smackdown to Santorum for his pitiful, defensive excuse for agreeing with the bigoted woman: “She was an elderly lady.


Here’s how John McCain responded to another bigoted “elderly lady” who made the same sort of Islamaphobic comment about then-Presidential candidate Obama:

Bigoted woman: I don’t believe in…I can’t trust Obama. He’s an Arab.

John McCain: “No. No, m’am. He’s a decent family man, a citizen, who I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues. And that’s what this campaign is about. Thank you.


That audience applauded this non-bigoted response.

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Minority Defense Pretense: No-Apology Hypocrisy

pete-hoekstraThis week’s Smackdown goes out to Michigan GOP Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra, for this unabashedly racist campaign ad.

Let’s take a moment to think about how many people were involved in the process of creating this ad – from conception (can you imagine this person?) to its national airing to millions of people across America.

And not just White Americans.

Asian-Americans live here, too.

Does it boggle the mind that the thousands of people involved in the process of creating this ad saw nothing wrong with it? Didn’t see anything racist about it? Thought it was just fine and dandy to broadcast on the most-watched night of American television to a nation which includes millions of Asian-American citizens?


Characters in Disney's "Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers."


Yet we somehow manage to remain unaware of, and even scoff at the idea of systemic racism.

Go figure.


But this Smackdown has a double-billing on its ticket. This one also goes to the reporter in this video.

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Bill O’Reilly: “I don’t want to go on a lynching party against Michelle Obama, UNLESS…”

first_lady_michelle_obamaMany things should be left in the past.

However, poisonous things which occur repeatedly under the guise of normality should not be left to hide quietly in the dustbins of history.

Especially when that ‘normality’ was the accepted racism of our country’s recent past.

These things should never, ever be forgotten lest they continue to play out in future generations unable to recognize racist slurs because, by ignoring them, such slurs are permitted to weave themselves into the fabric of normalcy.

Racist remarks disguised as fair and accurate” good-guy news reporting, gets my Smackdown this week…

Lynching-of-black-man                                          Shame on Fox News, once AGAIN.


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Whose Truth?

bacteriaNasty, putrid things are growing inside me like a cancer.

A result of ‘truth.’

Which is supposed to be a good thing, right?

But this is the kind of ‘truth,’ I believe, most of us turn away from.


It’s a kind of knowledge that makes you question things you once thought unquestionable.

Things that, deep down, you know may not be the whole truth – because you’ve heard the rumblings of a different truth. But that different truth messes with your head…messes with your ideology…messes with your comfort zone.

And that different truth comes from people you can’t relate to.

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The Help

This week’s Smackdown goes to the Home Shopping Network for its insensitive stampede of greed over the backs of both African-American civil rights-era maids and present day African-Americans, in a stunningly inappropriate merchandising gimmick called “The Help Collection.”


If you are under the illusion that this bigoted branding bomb is a slap in the face only to African-Americans, take a look at this sampling of reaction from across the racial board…

Salon: “HSN’s Tacky Branding of ‘The Help‘”

BET: “‘The Help’ Inspires HSN Collection – The pieces are attractive, but are they appropriate?

Clutch: “Promotion Fail – HSN (and Carol’s Daughter) For ‘The Help‘” “HSN Makes a Profit Off Villains in ‘The Help‘”


What do you think about the appropriateness of HSN’s ‘The Help‘ collection?


Sylver’s Saturday Smackdown


The Help: Hollywood Whitewash?

Sugar-coating oppression isn’t solely the domain of Fox News reporting.

Hollywood was built on it. And it’s got a new hit movie to “Help” whitewash common view  as discussed by film critic, director and editor Matt Zoller Seitz in Salon.


Other critics of ‘The Help’ include Huffington Post’s Diversity Solutions Leader, Deborah Plummer, who discusses the un-Help-ful elephant in the room in her article “The Conversation We Are Not Having About ‘The Help,‘ and Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams, who takes the Home Shopping Network to task in her article “HSN’s Tacky Branding of ‘The Help.’

As well, Laina Dawes, contributing editor at Blogher, explores in depth the context of “The Help,” and why this “feel good” artistic work may not feel so good to everyone.


What’s your take on “The Help,” and the differing views about it?


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