Friday Blaque List 29

What I’m…


Perching high up in a tree in the woods, dry leaves swirling around me like confetti. The branches form an uncomfortable V around my butt, but this particular perch gives an incredible panoramic view of the forest.


Photo: Sylver Blaque

I love writing & watching wildlife from up here – for as long as my butt can take it!

No wildlife-watching today, however. Have the goobies with me. 🙂

Mally‘s  jumping around & up in the air, trying to catch swirling leaves. But MegaDeath is yowling back at the wind, as if to say, “Yes, Mother Nature, I hear you. Now hear THIS!”

Nope, no wildlife-watching with the goobies around! 🙄


Photo: Sylver Blaque / Mally & MegaDeath

Have 2 other foster-goobies this week: Apache & Soldier. They’re twins (well, 2 of sextups, actually), the only survivors of a murderous ex-owner who killed their siblings, one by one.

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Friday Blaque List 20

What I’m….


Laying out on the grass with two of my babies.

Oaky, 1 baby (Mally) & 1 monster-baby (yes, that would be MegaDeath).


Photo: Sylver Blaque / My babies Mally & MegaDeath



Have a ton of studying to do, and thought it would be less chore-like doing it surrounded by nature and doggies.


Photo: Sylver Blaque / Groundhog hiding from MegaD



Fat chance.

Can’t concentrate on the intricacies of US/Middle East political policies while trying to keep my dog from devouring scampering squirrels and hopping bunnies!

What the hell was I thinking coming out here with a laptop & a MegaDeath??

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Man’s Best Friend

In a dark cave in the south of France, there lies a new answer to a question we humans have wondered since man first began having dogs as pets.

Exactly when did wild, scavenging wolves become the frolicking pets we know and love today?


The Wall Street Journal‘s Mark Derr explores this question with controversial new evidence of a socialized “dogwolf” dating back from 33,000 years ago who “kept company with” homo sapiens.

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My Sweet Pea

my-sweet-peaHe’s absolute perfection.

Every time I look at him I wonder how anything could be so flawless.

Everything about him is wondrous. Especially his eyes – round puddles of molten chocolate that glisten as he expectantly watches my every move.


His hair is long, mink-soft and chameleon colored – shades of onyx, brown, auburn and blonde. A platinum mane glows around his ears, extending all the way down the front of his chest.

His tail is onyx and brown on the up-side but, when lifted, cascades into a flaxen weeping willow tipped in black. I watch for him to lift his tail the way other people watch for a peacock to spread its feathers.

My favorite part of this perfect li’l piece of life is his tiny square nose. It’s inky, ever-shiny, constantly in motion.

He sniffs everything.

I don’t think that sweet li’l nose ever sleeps.

When we’re riding in the car, he sticks his head out the window and I swear, if that busy nose had feet it would take off like the Road Runner – Piiiiiew! Beep! Beep!


What’s your ‘Sweet Pea’ like?


Sylver Lining Sunday 


Photo of my Sweet Pea by: Sylver Blaque