restoration-islandWhat if you had just over 10 million dollars?

And then you lost it?

What would you do?

Cry? Rage? Turn your back on civilization & move to a deserted island?

That’s what David Glasheen did, making himself a modern-day Robinson Caruso.

As reported by Daily Mail, twenty-five years ago, Glasheen lost his 10 million dollar (6.5 British pounds) fortune in the 1987 stock market crash. Five years later, the Aussie business tycoon ditched civilization to become a castaway on a tiny island along the north-eastern coast of Australia.

His sole companion? His dog, Quasi.

Ah, a man and his dog. Living the life on an island paradise.

You soon learn to survive in the bush,” says Glasheen. “If you don’t, you die pretty quickly. But it’s a fabulous place. I’m a lucky bloke to be here.”

But he may not be there much longer.

Because now, after 20 years of castaway life, the Queensland government is taking steps to evict Glasheen & Quasi from Restoration Island. Why? Well, it seems that Glasheen has not honored his 43-year lease agreement, which entailed developing fishing facilities and tourist accommodations.

A Supreme Court ruling states, “The [defendant] has wrongly deprived the plaintiff of its asset for over a decade, during which time [he] has enjoyed its benefits.”

Sigh. The loss of a way of life for a man, his dog, and his mannequin.

Oh…did I mention the mannequin?


Would you become a castaway if you lost your millions?


World News Wednesday


8 thoughts on “Quasi-Castaway

  1. Silver, I love your blog! The “mention” of the mannequin and the pic just about killed me, I laughed so hard. My girl-friend, Pearle-the-Pug-Like-Griff, barks at everything. I’d give a million dollars for a female that is not only a beauty, but rather quiet.

    Uh, just between you and me, what’s a million dollars???

  2. wow! and wow!
    If I lost my millions in a stock market crash…I would become a castaway, for the simple reason that if I didn’t, I ‘d end up becoming a serial killer!

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