Buenos Dias San Juan

                          SongBuenos Dias San Juan

ArtistDomino Saints

                                                    CountryPuerto Rico (San Juan)

                                                                   Genre: Urban Pop Latino


Mood: Pull the pin from your hair…shake it out…hitch up that skirt…now, go!


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Royal Poo-Pee

The royal party is jumpin.’

The gents are fine and gallant in tailored doublets over ruffled tunics, hose, and colorfully slashed breeches.The ladies are resplendent in vibrant, cleavage-boosting gowns – nobles in satin, brocade, damask..royals in sable, ermine, cloth of gold and purple silk.


Your hair is powdered and fluffy, your outfit recently cleaned, you even bathed your full body with herb or rose-scented water for the occasion.

The court is packed. Everyone who is anyone is in attendance: royals, noblemen and women, a bevy of great minds representing the arts, science and philosophy.

Music and laughter echo throughout the castle, and you feast on bronto-slabs of beef, veal, goat, mutton and suckling pig. You carelessly imbibe  godale, mead, and every type of wine – Cyprian, Rhine, Malmsy, Grenache, and of course, nectar. You step, leap, twirl, dip around the enormous, marble dance floor of this royal court.


Everything is gravy.

Until your bladder threatens to explode.

You must poo-pee.


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There has never been a time that I have watched this scene without simultaneously crying and feeling completely happy, empowered, unstoppable…


Helen Keller with her teacher Anne Sullivan

Thank you, Helen and Anne, for teaching us all what love and perseverance can do.


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No YouTube?

 you-tube-censored-china-logoYouTube banned!

Can you imagine?

If you lived in China, you wouldn’t have to.

According to an NPR interview with University of Michigan computer science professor, Alex Halderman, China is YouTube-free.

Internet censorship is a fact of life there. But Halderman has come up with a way to help Chinese citizens find their way to the Tube.

It’s called Telex, and he helped develop this system which can subvert Chinese government blocks.

Says Halderman, “So if you’re in China, and you want access to a banned site like YouTube, you just type YouTube.com into your browser, and the Telex station will see that connection, and disguise it as something innocuous. You might be watching YouTube, but to a censor, it will just seem as if you’re visiting a harmless, non-blocked site.

I’m getting James Bond vibes.

What about you?


What do you think about China’s YouTube ban?


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Violin Concerto No. 1 in A Minor, BWV 1041: I. (Allegro Moderato)

SongViolin Concerto No. 1 in A Minor, BWV 1041: I. (Allegro Moderato)

ArtistJulia Fischer & Academy of St. Martin in the Fields

This girl is unbelievable! An inspiration, a testament to what we are all capable of if we only believe


Country: Germany

               Genre: World Classical

                             Mood: Exhilarating…dance, swirl, leap into the air!


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“Knock off Obama”

This Smackdown goes to Liz Trotta, who should trot straight to ‘Hell‘ without passing ‘Go‘ for this outrageous, racist “joke.”

Fox News should roast as well, for merely laughing along with her!


Apparently, powerful Trotta is permitted to exercise her freedom of speech about killing the president, but those less powerful are not. A high school girl received a visit from the Secret Service for a cartoon she posted on her blog about killing then-president Bush.


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The Long & Short of It

Did you ever wonder where hair extensions come from?









All that long, thick, luxurious hair adorning the heads of more and more women around the globe?


Al Jazeera explores the roots (pun intended) of hair extensions in this absorbing news documentary Hair India


How do you feel about hair extensions?

Did this documentary change your view?


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