Yemeni Wedding

A peek into Yemen Times


What if weddings were not solely for the bride and groom?

What if they were also official hunting grounds for women seeking potential brides for sons, brothers, and cousins who had reached marriageable age?

Once a girl is chosen, she will be investigated without her knowledge, while her background and that of her family will come under scrutiny…”

“The would-be groom’s closest kin will pay a surprise visit to her home. They will even examine the cleanness of the house, including the bathroom…

After they have finished scrutinizing the girl, the bridegroom’s family will meet to review the information they have acquired, compare notes and discuss their impressions of the potential bride and her family…

These are just a few of the wedding customs described in detail in an interesting Yemen Times article which takes a look at Yemeni weddings.

Sana’ani Weddings: Yesterday’s Language, Today’s Dream.”


Can you see yourself as a Yemeni bride?


Or bridegroom?


Yemeni bride photos: K. Kainaey


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16 thoughts on “Yemeni Wedding

  1. How I love learning about other people’s traditions ~ old and new. My eyes open wide (and my mouth a lot of the time, too) as I think of how these traditions all came about. With my step-son getting married in August, I’ve been remembering the Italian traditions my family has brought down from generation to generation, which does not include checking out his fiance’s bathroom (oh wait, couldn’t do that really since they already live together).

    • Hi Patricia 🙂 Sounds like you love this as much as I do! It’s just so much fun, and so rewarding to peek inside another way of life, isn’t it? Are you using any particular Italian traditions in the upcoming wedding? I mean, besides white-gloving your future daughter-in-law’s bathroom. Oh right, you can’t do that! 😛 (LOL!)

      • Yes, I’m the person you see walking at dusk, when lights in the house may be on but the curtains aren’t closed yet, looking into windows to see how people live. Love it! I’m giving her a white satin a-boste bag (tradition for the bride to go around to each person at the wedding and be given money as a symbol of a rich married life).

  2. I think it s wrong that parents (or other parts of the family) choose who is going to marry who. Especially if the “bride” & “groom” are just a few years old. In Tunisia it also happened a lot & I know not only women who are pretty sad about. They don’t love each other, some can’t even stand each other..I m getting married in May & I m so so so happy that I choose him cause I love him to death & want to spend the rest of my life with him 🙂

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