One Lovely Blog Award

I’ve won the One Lovely Blog Award!


Thank you to Spence Angeltvedt for nominating me for this lovely award.

If you haven’t visited his blog, you really should. It’s a wonderful place to learn all about the many ways we can help save animals from the many forms of neglect & abuse they suffer at the hands of humans around the world.

For this award, I must list 5 interesting things about myself. But since my ‘self‘ isn’t as interesting to me as other ‘selves‘, I’m going to list 5 interesting About pages I’ve come across around the bloggerhood.

1.  30 Inspiring About Me Pages

2.  Diary of a Quirky Girl

3.  Kate, Cracking Up

4.  The Good Greatsby

5.  A Walk With My Camera

Now, I must nominate 5 bloggers for this Lovely Blog Award. But I loooove sharing the love, so I’m doubling up these nominations.


Here goes…

1.  A Day in Candiland

2. The Dolls Are Alright

3. Being Agent Mom

4.  Three Little Monkeys Studio

5.  Nighlon

6.  Still Dating My Spouse

7.  Making Our Life Matter

8.  Ufeud

9.  The Air Force Wife

10. Wrestling With Retirement


Congrats to all you Lovely Bloggers!



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