Friday Blaque List 25

What I’m…


Zecharia Sitchin’s “The 12th Planet




That, not until extraterrestrials land, perform a plethora of humanly & scientifically impossible acts before our very eyes in broad daylight in every city on Earth simultaneously during rush hour wearing nothing but g-strings & nipple rings thru pierced purple nipples that shoot bluelight rays that liquify solid objects on contact then recomposes them slowly atom by atom, will we ever believe in aliens.

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Fill ‘Er Up!

Think gas prices in the U.S. turn a smile upside down?



That smile would stay on the upswing if you knew the gas prices in some other countries.

Like Turkey, for example. Or Eritrea.

How does $10 per gallon sound?


What’s it like to fill-up in other countries?

Let’s have a look…

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Friday Blaque List 24

What I’m…



The most luscious turkey/mozzarella/pesto/grilled tomato & zucchini panini ever created.




Why, when you’re stuffing face with gooey food & licking instead of wiping your fingers, a cute guy always pops up out of nowhere?

Is this, like a Murphy’s Law-type thing??


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Diary of an American Girl’s Journeys to the Forbidden Land (Excerpt 20)

rusty-chain-linkBut what does all this Haiti stuff have to do with Cuba?” I asked.

Victor connected the historical link.

He explained that Haiti had been the major island for sugar production – which made it the richest colony on the planet.

In fact, Haiti produced more than half of France’s Gross National Product, making gigundo fortunes for France, who dubbed Haiti their “Jewel of the Antilles.” Which, of course, was accomplished on the backs of brown slaves whose emotional, familial, and cultural devastation, and back-breaking labor in creating the wealth of White supremacist nations would be reduced to a mere footnote by Western historians.

This really pisses me off.

I mean, weren’t colonists, like, Christian-love-God-and-your-fellow-man type deals? Were brown people not fellow men? Then, okay, what were they exactly?

Animals? Aliens? Aberrations?

Talk about do as we say, not as we do… 😐

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Friday Blaque List 23

What I’m….




Manners & Customs in the Bible” by Victor H. Matthews



1. That guys back then were required to wear beards or risk being branded unholy. Their beards had to be very long, and squared off at the bottom.


I saw this in parts of Afghanistan. There was a booming business in selling fake beards for guys unable to grow their own long enough, or thick enough.

2. Harlots were required to go unveiled with their hair exposed in public, or risk torture and death by law. Which must mean that all other women wore veils with their hair covered in public


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Diary of an American Girl’s Journeys to the Forbidden Land (Excerpt 19)

slaves-in-chainsAs Victor talked, the list of oppressed brown people kept getting longer.

And we learned that Cuba’s colonial history is directly intertwined with Haitian colonial history.

In the 1600’s, France jumped on the let’s-find-some-brown-people-to-enslave bandwagon by invading Haiti. But brown Haitians weren’t enough; the French also stole Africans & brought them to Haiti to add to their slave holdings.

Then in the 1700’s, all the slaves – Haitians & Africans (and presumably, Haitian-Africans, because, well, they had to fall into bed together at some point, right?) rose up against French colonial rule, and fought for their freedom in a bloody Haitian Revolution.

haitian-revolutionThe Haitians won.

This victory was the shot heard ‘round the world of slave owners.

It was the first time in the history of oppressed brown people that they fought back & won.

It blew the minds of White colonists everywhere, especially in America because our entire economy was based on slavery.

Slaveholders became terrified that if slaves could unite like they did for the Haitian Revolution, they might do it again.

Moreover, it was a very public slap in the face to Western world Whites, to have Blacks rise up & smite them. It was just unheard of. Continue reading