Blog Awards

Now that I’m finally back from gypsying around…


…it’s time to catch up on all my THANK YOU! ‘s to a few generous & wonderful bloggers who have been kind enough to nominate my blog for some sweet awards.

First, I would like to thank an inspiring gypsy-brethren duo over at Live. Explore. Learn. Remember. for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.


Thanx, guys! 🙂

Faraaz & Aneesa have a travelicious blog that you just must check out. I adore their posts about their experiences living in Korea told from both a male & female perspective that enlightens while entertaining. Brilliant! I love their personalities & spend hours traveling with them thru their engaging posts. Totally addicting…like travel-chocolate! 🙂

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One Lovely Blog Award

I’ve won the One Lovely Blog Award!


Thank you to Spence Angeltvedt for nominating me for this lovely award.

If you haven’t visited his blog, you really should. It’s a wonderful place to learn all about the many ways we can help save animals from the many forms of neglect & abuse they suffer at the hands of humans around the world.

For this award, I must list 5 interesting things about myself. But since my ‘self‘ isn’t as interesting to me as other ‘selves‘, I’m going to list 5 interesting About pages I’ve come across around the bloggerhood.

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Illuminating Blogger Award

I’ve won the Illuminating Blogger Award!


How deliciously appropriate to be nominated by C.J. at Food Stories for this wonderful food-for-thought award.

Thank you, C.J.! 🙂

If you haven’t checked out her blog, you really should. It’s a scrumdillyicious foodie ride through all things yummy!

For this award, I must share 1 random thing about myself.

Okay, um…

Well, I wish I lived in a jungle.


And I do mean’ jungle‘ in every sense of the word.

A deep, dense, green rainforest bursting at the seams with wildlife. No walls, no floors, no roof. Just a banana leaf lean-to with a mound of soft moss to sleep on…

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Stay Away From the Human Monkey, Honey!

Just saw this & had to share it!

Playtime Stopped By Gorilla Mom



This comment captioned the video on Quora, where I originally found it:

“Animals: What does this clip tell us about great apes?

I’m not sure if I am reading too much into this but it appears that the mother gorilla doesn’t want her child socializing with the rowdy little monkey.”
Adorable! (both kids!)

Things I wish I did not know. But I do. So, now what?

I am heartsick.

Did not sleep last night.

Not sure how I’ll sleep tonight, though exhausted.

Have no idea what happened in classes or at work today. Just a blur. This whole day is blur. The only thing I remember is last night…

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Blog Commenting: Kill the Joker & Kick CAPTCHA to the Curb!

joker-smile-cardsToday, Blogelina published an article I wrote about the trials & tribs of leaving comments on barbwire-protected blogs.

You know, the ones with unreadable CAPTCHAs, and other Comment-preventing issues that make you feel like you’re being leered at by the Joker while scaling a barbed wire fence!

Well, climb down. (Carefully!)

Because I’d like to share Five Easy Solutions to kill your blog’s Joker, and kick CAPTCHA to the curb!

Got your cleats on? Good. ‘Cuz we’ve got some Joker ass to kick!

1.  Log out, toss your cookies. (If you take this literally, you’re on your own for clean-up!) This will enable you to experience your blog the way visitors do.

2.  Go to your blog. Try to suppress your deep, abiding love for your blog, and put yourself in a busy visitor’s shoes.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


And the winner of yesterday’s Valentine’s Day Opt-Out poll is….


North Korea!


Congrats to my ingenious readers who guessed correctly that Kimchi & kisses don’t make snuggly bedfellows in North Korea.


But it’s much more than Kimchi-kisses that keeps North Koreans from celebrating V-Day love…

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Lucid OWS Rant From the Generation Losing ‘The American Dream’


At first, I thought this was just another rant.

I almost clicked away.

I’m glad I didn’t.

This guy is ranting for an entire generation.

A generation who didn’t create any of this, but who has to suffer through it – and watch our children suffer through it – long after the generation who did create this mess is gone.

Get corporations out of our politics!” he cries.

Look at the faces in the crowd…how they at first seem unsure about whether this guy is nuts, but then, as they listen, you can actually see gradual realization of the impact of what he’s saying sinking in.

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