Friday Blaque List 25

What I’m…


Zecharia Sitchin’s “The 12th Planet




That, not until extraterrestrials land, perform a plethora of humanly & scientifically impossible acts before our very eyes in broad daylight in every city on Earth simultaneously during rush hour wearing nothing but g-strings & nipple rings thru pierced purple nipples that shoot bluelight rays that liquify solid objects on contact then recomposes them slowly atom by atom, will we ever believe in aliens.

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Friday Blaque List 20

What I’m….


Laying out on the grass with two of my babies.

Oaky, 1 baby (Mally) & 1 monster-baby (yes, that would be MegaDeath).


Photo: Sylver Blaque / My babies Mally & MegaDeath



Have a ton of studying to do, and thought it would be less chore-like doing it surrounded by nature and doggies.


Photo: Sylver Blaque / Groundhog hiding from MegaD



Fat chance.

Can’t concentrate on the intricacies of US/Middle East political policies while trying to keep my dog from devouring scampering squirrels and hopping bunnies!

What the hell was I thinking coming out here with a laptop & a MegaDeath??

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Friday Blaque List 16

What I’m…


The Colony




It’s 2012.

Ten months ’til Doomsday. I need to know how to survive it.



Is anyone else thinking about preparing?


Or is it just me & a handful of Doomsdayers?

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Friday Blaque List 7

What I…

Just Finished Doing

Playing Steal-the-Bone with my dogs.

I get down on all 4’s, creeping slowly toward one of their bones. They freeze, watch me surreptitiously from the corners of their eyes. The closer I get, the more their tails whip – but they stay frozen in place. When I’m just nano-inches from the bone, they jump suddenly and charge me, knocking me over, suffocating me with dog-macho bravado. When I’m down & out in a begging, giggling heap on the floor, they run for the bone like maniacs. Whichever one of them gets it first has to play-fight the others away.

Good times!


My dog MegaDeath. He usually wins. Photo: Sylver Blaque

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