About Sylver

sylver-blaque logoWaking up one day in a foreign country with an empty wallet, and the realization that Sylver Blaque, Dh.GB (Diehard Gypsy Backpacker) is not a respected title, I decided to return to school for degrees in the things I love most: writing and culture.

Sylver Blaque, B.A. Journalism; B.A. Middle Eastern Studies.

Yes, that sounds much better 🙂

With academic initials following my name, I’m setting out to provide for my inner gypsy!

Utilizing acquired skill, life experience & primal creativity, I shall now tackle my first official writing assignment: The Resumé.

Sylver Blaque

Writer, Intrepid Traveler



Yes, finally.




(Mostly low-to-no paying jobs which really have no bearing on my super-human abilities.)



  • Communicating in over a dozen languages without actually speaking the language
  • Repeatedly surviving the crossing of city streets in Havana, Kabul, Tehran, and Antananarivo
  • Smiling while eating things of unknown biodiversity
  • Drinking and bathing in murky water without contracting dysentery
  • Squatting
  • Sleeping soundly in:

Fresh dung huts                                 

          Rain forests (during rainy season)


Beneath hole-y mosquito nets beside stagnant waters and swamps

In the back of cattle trucks (with cattle) lurching violently over unpaved roads



Acquired languages in more than 11 foreign countries, including but not limited to:

  • Nodding
  • Smiling  (extensive repertoire for a multitude of emotions)
  • Groaning  (at all decibals)
  • Pointing  (both directionally & accusatorially)
  • Thumbs Up/Down  (proficiency in both)
  • Peace Sign  (ambidextrously



Awarded permission by village elders, chiefs, gang leaders, and gang leader baby mamas to pass through or stay for a while in remote villages, war zones, post-earthquake tent camps, and notorious inner city crime zones.






Bblanketting edditers w/ resummee: & awaitting jobb offfer deluge;