Stray Dogma

iran-stray-dogsPicture it.

Nearly a hundred thousand stray animals – from dogs to donkeys – roaming an entire country.

One animal shelter.

For the whole country.

Just one.

Can you imagine it?

Fatemeh Motamedi didn’t have to. She saw it. Lived with it every day. And until she founded the country’s first and only animal shelter 9 years ago, stray animals there had no hope.








In my opinion, it’s not wholly a financial issue. Iran is not a poor country. Their tiny wealthy/huge middle-to-low income ratio mirrors our own here in the U.S.

Neither do I think Iranians are heartless. They’re not. In fact, I found them overwhelmingly open-hearted and very conscientious.

So, when I posed the stray animal question during my trips there – to dozens of people from students to mullahs & government officials, from Tehran to the Caspian – I was not surprised by the varied answers I received.

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Friday Blaque List 20

What I’m….


Laying out on the grass with two of my babies.

Oaky, 1 baby (Mally) & 1 monster-baby (yes, that would be MegaDeath).


Photo: Sylver Blaque / My babies Mally & MegaDeath



Have a ton of studying to do, and thought it would be less chore-like doing it surrounded by nature and doggies.


Photo: Sylver Blaque / Groundhog hiding from MegaD



Fat chance.

Can’t concentrate on the intricacies of US/Middle East political policies while trying to keep my dog from devouring scampering squirrels and hopping bunnies!

What the hell was I thinking coming out here with a laptop & a MegaDeath??

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Man’s Best Friend

In a dark cave in the south of France, there lies a new answer to a question we humans have wondered since man first began having dogs as pets.

Exactly when did wild, scavenging wolves become the frolicking pets we know and love today?


The Wall Street Journal‘s Mark Derr explores this question with controversial new evidence of a socialized “dogwolf” dating back from 33,000 years ago who “kept company with” homo sapiens.

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Friday Blaque List 7

What I…

Just Finished Doing

Playing Steal-the-Bone with my dogs.

I get down on all 4’s, creeping slowly toward one of their bones. They freeze, watch me surreptitiously from the corners of their eyes. The closer I get, the more their tails whip – but they stay frozen in place. When I’m just nano-inches from the bone, they jump suddenly and charge me, knocking me over, suffocating me with dog-macho bravado. When I’m down & out in a begging, giggling heap on the floor, they run for the bone like maniacs. Whichever one of them gets it first has to play-fight the others away.

Good times!


My dog MegaDeath. He usually wins. Photo: Sylver Blaque

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