Sylver’s Sanctified Blogroll




It’s sanctified.

And for good reason.


I’m a student. Everything in my life right now is measured in study hours (i.e. I should be studying right now…Why can’t somebody come up with a way to study while driving?…I can’t risk going to sleep tonight. I have to study…How long is this gonna take? I have to study!).

I’m also a freelance writer. Every other thing in my life is measured in deadlines (edit or study? research articles or study? prepare submissions or study? eat, sleep, re-write, or study?? Arggghhhh!!!)


So, yeah. My Blogroll is quite sanctified.

Compiled of blogs that have supreme power of seduction.

These hallowed blogs are able to lure work & study-a-holics away from manuscripts & texts for obscene periods of time.

Some are pure crack cocaine.

Others are like panning for gold; finding the gleaming nuggets makes it all worthwhile.

Still others grow on you like an acquired taste.

But I choose my Blogroll sites the way I travel: though I do have a few favorite popular resorts, I very rarely go to touristy areas. I like places on the edge, places most people bypass because they break rules. I love places where uncut diamonds peek from beneath layers of soot because they’re not trying to claw their way to the top of the tourist circuit.

And I re-sanctify my roll religiously.

The sites which stay listed month after month, withstand the test of time. They are, in my opinion, consistently riveting.

Those that disappear ignore comments (I mean, readers taking time out to share their opinions & innermost thoughts about your posts deserve acknowledgement – hell, we’re all busy), got space-bumped by new discoveries (sigh…there’s only so much room in a sidebar), or lost their grip on me for one reason or another.

You know how it is, bloggers & readers evolve, change, discover new sides of themselves over time…

tide-rolling-into-shore We ebb and flow…all of us.

Sometimes we ebb in unison…other times we flow apart.

Such is the cycle of Life, an unpredictable journey we make according to our own rhythms…


If you hover over the titles in my Blogroll, detailed descriptions of the site will pop up.

Now, mind you, some of these bloggers don’t post regularly (international journalists living their stories, world travelers, writers on a T.O. to work on their books, stressed Ph.D. students who’ve lost all their hair & have nails bitten down to nubs, moms pushing out/recovering from pushing out the next generation of sanctified bloggers).

But I hang on with the patience of Job to choice intermittent-bloggers. Their posts, when they come, are profoundly illuminating, hysterically funny, or otherwise immensely satisfying.

So, join me in reveling in idiosyncratic sanctiousness! (not really a word, but should be)


Sylver Blaque