Stay Away From the Human Monkey, Honey!

Just saw this & had to share it!

Playtime Stopped By Gorilla Mom



This comment captioned the video on Quora, where I originally found it:

“Animals: What does this clip tell us about great apes?

I’m not sure if I am reading too much into this but it appears that the mother gorilla doesn’t want her child socializing with the rowdy little monkey.”
Adorable! (both kids!)

Leech Love


I first encountered them intimately in the rain forests of Madagascar.

Every night, when I stepped under the waterfall in the river where I bathed, I spent the first 10 min. or so gently scraping them off my body…

…from my belly, inner thighs, the back of my neck, behind my ears & knees, underneath my arms, between my toes…


…and other unmentionable heat-generating areas. 😯

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


And the winner of yesterday’s Valentine’s Day Opt-Out poll is….


North Korea!


Congrats to my ingenious readers who guessed correctly that Kimchi & kisses don’t make snuggly bedfellows in North Korea.


But it’s much more than Kimchi-kisses that keeps North Koreans from celebrating V-Day love…

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Lucid OWS Rant From the Generation Losing ‘The American Dream’


At first, I thought this was just another rant.

I almost clicked away.

I’m glad I didn’t.

This guy is ranting for an entire generation.

A generation who didn’t create any of this, but who has to suffer through it – and watch our children suffer through it – long after the generation who did create this mess is gone.

Get corporations out of our politics!” he cries.

Look at the faces in the crowd…how they at first seem unsure about whether this guy is nuts, but then, as they listen, you can actually see gradual realization of the impact of what he’s saying sinking in.

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For the Love of Lions

If you ever find yourself hanging out with lions

…DON’T try THIS!


The truth is, I would so love to pal around with a pride of lions this way.

I wanna come back as this guy!


Would you…could you hang tough with lions?


These Are A Few of My Favorite Things…

christmas-gifts-under-treeI love Christmas.

So much!

It’s the only time of year when everyone seems to be feeling good all at the same time.

‘Happy’ and ‘Christmas‘ just go together like a hand in a glove.

Wouldn’t it be great if every month could be as feel-good as December?

Sooooo…in honor of this yummy holiday, I’m sharing a few of my favorite things about Christmas…

1. The Anticipation!


Of uniting with family, friends, of their responses to my gifts, of the food, the parties and dancing, the dressing up, the great conversations, shared stories and photos.

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The Girl Who Silenced the World for 5 Minutes

severn-cullis-suzukiHer name is Severn Cullis-Suzuki.

She is the daughter of world-renown environmental activist David Suzuki.

She was 12 years old when she gave this impassioned speech that silenced a forum at the 1992 United Nations Earth Summit – a forum of international diplomats and power mongers, all brought to tears by the pleas of a child.

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OWS: What We’d Never Know Without Alternative News Sources

The Colbert Report puts police brutality of U.C. Berkeley students into perspective with a video that, apparently, he’s the only journalist with the balls to show it on national television.


Yes, I called Stephen Colbert a journalist.

He earns this title for bringing us vital OWS news items that our major news outlets are apparently censoring.

If you’re not a corporate mogul whose wealth is threatened by the OWS movement, or on the police forces they’re using to squash it, then your amusement will turn to outrage midway through this video.


What’s your reaction to this video?


Random Topic Tuesday

The Columbus Myth

Excerpt: “A People’s History of the United States

by Howard Zinn

When we read the history books given to children in the United States, it all starts with heroic adventure. There is no bloodshed. Columbus Day is a celebration.


Past the elementary and high schools, there are only occasional hints of something else…

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