Spastic Daydreaming










In-between laughing while watching this video, I couldn’t help daydreaming about how supremely cool it would be for us adults to have music flow into our bodies & come out in whatever spastic, wildly ridiculous, totally uncool-looking rhythm spasms…


…without ending up on YouTube!


Though, for babies, spastic YouTube videos are perfectly acceptable.

Because, you know, babies look cool no matter what they’re doing!



Sylver Lining Sunday


Charlie, and Other Baby Bytes

One sleepy morn – one eye half-open, the other half-closed – I was searching for a particular video for a business presentation.

Instead, I came across these babies and laughed myself awake.

funny-kidSnow! Oh, no!! Blow!!!

 Charlie bites!

No laughing.This is a vey serious conversation!


Think I can use that last one in my business presentation?


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“Awaken Me When It’s Done”


The pain is excruciating.

You are being torn apart from the inside out.

A searing tear rips across your gut. You fall back, screaming. You try to struggle upward, but every movement slices into you like a machete. You feel blood gushing. You manage to snatch a look down at your body…and see only red. 

Blood is everywhere.

Strong hands move up the insides of your thighs. They force your legs apart and hold them there like a vise. 

You are wide open for the taking.

Pushing through the pain, you bolt upright, screaming loudly…desperately.

“Help me!! Oh, Father in Heaven, help me pleeeease!!!”

That was the last of your breath, and now you struggle for air, gasping and gulping for your life. The forceful hands tighten on your thighs.

Your terror mounts…

“Madame, resist not! It shall fare easier for thee. Calm thyself! It shall be over forthwith.”

The voice is jagged, the breathing ragged. The hands force your legs even further apart. A sudden explosion erupts within your pelvis.

You scream until everything goes black…

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