Writing Off Assholeys

broken-heartRemember how, in high school, when you thought you were the only girl in the world for some undercover asshole, he’d do something assholey that would dent your developing ego and piss you the hell off?

What did you do about it?

Some girls ranted & raged. Others curled up & cried. And then there were the ones who grabbed the nearest object & hurled it right at assholey’s head (or other parts).

Well, that was me.

Except I always grabbed words & regurgitated them all over assholey’s psyche.

I became high-school famous for this.

As one of the popular girls (social stratification in high school is unavoidable 🙄 ) it wasn’t expected that I’d put embarrassing feelings right out in the open like that. But I did. And doing so encouraged other girls in school to do it, too.

We victims of assholey-ness started a writing club, and anytime boyfriends assholey-ed us, we’d commandeer the gym or outdoor field in the middle of sports practice, and regurgitate our stories, poems, song lyrics, etc. all over the jock’s psyches.     Continue reading

Until We Bleed

Song: Until We Bleed

            Artist: Lykke Li

                       Country: Sweden

                                          Genre: World


Mood: Techno-esque….jazzy…sort of unearthly. Prepare to lay back & dream, or rise up & groove.


World Music Monday


Quan je voy le duc

SongQuan je voy le duc (the title is different on YouTube, but this is the song – couldn’t find it anywhere else!)

  ArtistChanterai: Music of Medieval France

                                                                                      Country: France

Courtiers dancing at medieval French court.

Genre: Medieval/Classical

Mood: Les dames in swirling dresses…les gents in colorful hose…le Roi et la Reine presiding over a night of dancing at the French court.


World Music Monday


Blind To You

                                                                               Song: Blind to You

                                                                  Artist: Collie Buddz

                                               Country: Bermuda



Genre: Reggae

 Mood: Rhythm sucking you up in it…everything rolling…smoooooth.


World Music Monday