Illuminating Blogger Award

I’ve won the Illuminating Blogger Award!


How deliciously appropriate to be nominated by C.J. at Food Stories for this wonderful food-for-thought award.

Thank you, C.J.! 🙂

If you haven’t checked out her blog, you really should. It’s a scrumdillyicious foodie ride through all things yummy!

For this award, I must share 1 random thing about myself.

Okay, um…

Well, I wish I lived in a jungle.


And I do mean’ jungle‘ in every sense of the word.

A deep, dense, green rainforest bursting at the seams with wildlife. No walls, no floors, no roof. Just a banana leaf lean-to with a mound of soft moss to sleep on…

And, of course, my iPod.

The header & background on my blog are photos I took of my short-lived home on a beachy jungle in Mexico.

I had an empty hut with a sand floor, a hammock, a doorway with no door, and lots of skittling little roommates that came through the wall slats to keep me company.

Like this little guy.


Photo: Sylver Blaque
My li’l jungle buddy.

I named him Reynaldo & we became fast friends. He didn’t say much, but he was very entertaining company. And he always brought dozens of friends & family to feast on flying things that buzzed around my makeshift stick-in-the-sand torches each night.

Wonder what Rey-Rey’s doing tonight…?


Now, I must nominate at least 5 other bloggers for this illuminating award.

Here goes…



Wandering American

Writers Writing Words

YapaNow Travel Blog

Main Street Musings

Soul Blind Ministry

Chant Group Psallentes



Cecile’s Writers (Sophia)

Kana’a Chronicles

Oh…was that more than 5?

Oh, well. Can I help it if there are so many great bloggers out there?


Congrats to all you Illuminating Bloggers!


Here are the Illuminating Blogger Award rules for accepting your award:

1. Create a post on your blog announcing your acceptance of the award.

2. In your acceptance post, thank the person who nominated you for the award, making sure to provide a link back to that person’s blog.

3.  List 1 random thing about yourself.

4. Nominate at least 5 other blogs for the same award.


And speaking of awards, you’ve got to see this one!





18 thoughts on “Illuminating Blogger Award

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  3. I hope Rey-Rey is having lots and lots of winged, hairy or other eight-legged strange creatures for his dinner.
    I loved the header of your blog the minute I first saw it — I wouldn’t mind staying over there for a couple of months (at least!)
    Thank you so much for the award, and I’ll set out to explore the rest of the Luminous blogs you nominated. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • You’re welcome, Eleni! I always learn something new about your part of the world every time I visit your blog. I just wish I was visiting in person to soak it all up…

        Re: my header – oh, yeah, you would sooo love it there. I tried to leave so many times but couldn’t tear myself away from Rey-Rey. 😛

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