Friday Blaque List 28

What I’m…


Bat piss & guano.


It’s in my hair, on my shoulders, splattered across the back of my neck, and God knows where else.



We’re rescuing a colony of bats that got trapped in someone’s attic, and pooping is an animal’s fight or flight response to being captured.

But guess what?

It’s part of our fight or flight response, as well.

It’s why sometimes people get so scared they pee on themselves. Like my coworker just did because he’s never seen so many bats in person. I won’t talk about how hilarious it was to see his reaction when they all started flying around, grazing his head.


He’s in the van now, cowering.

Men. 🙄

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Friday Blaque List 24

What I’m…



The most luscious turkey/mozzarella/pesto/grilled tomato & zucchini panini ever created.




Why, when you’re stuffing face with gooey food & licking instead of wiping your fingers, a cute guy always pops up out of nowhere?

Is this, like a Murphy’s Law-type thing??


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Friday Blaque List 23

What I’m….




Manners & Customs in the Bible” by Victor H. Matthews



1. That guys back then were required to wear beards or risk being branded unholy. Their beards had to be very long, and squared off at the bottom.


I saw this in parts of Afghanistan. There was a booming business in selling fake beards for guys unable to grow their own long enough, or thick enough.

2. Harlots were required to go unveiled with their hair exposed in public, or risk torture and death by law. Which must mean that all other women wore veils with their hair covered in public


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Friday Blaque List 22

What I’m…


Blah Blah Blah (clean version). For the 900th time.



My little niece has just discovered this song, and good luck trying to get her to listen to anything else.

(Excedrin Migraine, please? Anyone?)



Was trying to study, but apparently that’s not possible in the midst of a 6 year old and a cheesy pop song.

How do people with kids do this?

Every day??

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Friday Blaque List 21

What I’m…


Kind of freaking out, but trying instead to recapture an amazing feeling I had during an alarming dream.




A few nights ago I had a 2012 dream. I know, I know. It’s just a dream. Except it isn’t. My dreams often happen. Family thing. Inherited from ‘seer’ maternal grandmothers as far back as our family can remember.

But, here’s the thing about this particular dream: 4 family members and a ‘seer’ friend in Norway had nearly the same dream on the exact same night. My Norwegian friend actually called the day after I had the dream to tell me about her nearly identical dream. She also said a friend of hers in Kenya called on Tues. to tell of nearly the same dream members of her family had the night before.

AND I’ve received calls this week from overseas friends in Ireland, the Azores, and 2 different friends in India who don’t know each other about the same dreams they’ve had beginning on Sunday night. Continue reading

Friday Blaque List 19

Where I…


At work.


Photo: Sylver Blaque / Feeding baby squirrel. We have lots of babies. Their mothers get run over by cars, and the babies starve to death without their milk (we use baby formula).


What I’m…


Surreptitiously watching a baby bear tumble around on an injured leg.

So precious!

Cannot make eye contact and cannot talk. Must even purposely frighten him on occasion. The sound of human voices accompanied by feedings & other rehabilitation caregiving would teach wildlife to trust humans, and this could be the death of them. Because after the animals are healed and re-released, they would trustingly run toward hunters rather than away from them! Continue reading

Friday Blaque List 17

What I’m…


The freedom from technology the way I travel brings…


Photo: Sylver Blaque / Argentina

,,,the novelty of writing on paper w/ dull pencils…

…intermittent or complete lack of electricity…

…no cell phones, no emails, no iPod, no tv…

…firelight, torches, candles…

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