Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve won my first award – the Versatile Blogger!


What a way to bring in 2012 with a bang!

I graciously accept this award, thanks to the generous blogger of one of my fave sites, Wandering American. His name, Ninja, explains his ability to weave around Communist internet blocks in China – where he & his wife temporarily reside – to dropkick my name into the blogger award pool. Way to go, Ninja! And thanx!

I also want to thank all my readers, who contribute wonderful discussions to my posts.   LOVE your comments, your participation, your support! HUGS to each and every one of you, along with heartfelt wishes for a grand New Year in which you awaken each morn with a smile, and drift off every night with a contented sigh.


Now, per award requirements, I must list 7 “random & weird” facts about myself.

So [cringe], here goes…

1. I eat strangely. For example, upon discovering a new food, I’ll eat this food – and nothing but this food – daily, for anywhere from a week to a few weeks, until I tire of it. Then I happily return to normal, healthy eating habits.

2. I can’t fall asleep without dogs surrounding me. On the bed. Maybe I was a wolf in another life…?


3. I have a bizarre habit of chewing aspirin. I love the chalkiness between my teeth. It feels really good & the pleasure of this overrides the taste.

4. In cold weather, I only feel completely comfortable & relaxed in thick, squishy-soft fleece p.j.’s. When I shop for winter p.j.’s, I walk through the aisles squeezing fleece. Don’t care what it looks like. It’s all about the squishy factor.

5. I think I’m an alien. Species? Vampira. Can’t function in the morn. At all. I rise with the moon, and succumb at sunrise. Not very conducive to a typical work sched, so thank God I’m self-employed! I’ve arranged all my classes in the eve, after which I return home and work ’til the sky glows orange. Of course, some days I must work in the a.m., but my brain is mush-pulp and nothing registers. However, as the moon begins to glow, I literally feel my senses coming alive with live-wire electricity. Creative juices flow like rushing rivers, and my mind suddenly clears, imbuing me with superpower-esque, laser-sharp focus. It’s the most amazing feeling

6. I love people. All kinds. Any kind. The more simple or bizarre they are, the more fascinated I am. I love hearing how they speak, what they think, how they feel. I love watching how they dress, how they interact with others, how they communicate non-verbally. I love learning how people interpret things, how their minds work. I am simply fascinated by people.


7. I love learning. I want to learn every minute of every day. I feel empty if a day goes by and I haven’t learned something I didn’t know. It just really messes with my head to go 24 hrs. without ingesting some new something.


That was random & weird!


Okay, on to the next award task – blogging it forward!

Here are my own nominees for future Versatile Blogger Awards:

1.  Mike’s Look at Life – Ultimate stress-free, relaxing zone with beautiful photos, great stories, funny quips & deep thoughts. Can’t stay away.

2. Native Born – this intelligent woman addresses political, cultural and social diversity issues in a way that makes you think about how you think about things.

3.  Hartlyn Kids – these 2 women came up with a wonderfully creative way to transport kids around the globe by way of books.

4.  Crabby Old Fart – this guy will have you cracking up with his witty, in-your-face, yet insightful rants about young people.

5.  Beirut Spring – this is a great blog presenting an alternative take on Lebanese news items from the perspective of a Lebanese living abroad. He also discusses political and social issues relating to Lebanon and surrounding regions with an honesty and insight that makes for great reading and deep contemplation.

Check ’em out, they’ll make your day 🙂


Happy New Year!


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