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Hi, there. 🙂

Thanx for stopping by!

I’d offer you some tea & crumpets, but liquids play havoc with keyboards, and I have no idea what crumpets actually are.

But I’ve got cushy seating in front of a crackling fire. Cozy in, make yourself at home. I love company, so feel free to poke around & get to know me a bit…

In the Home page sidebar, you’ll find my ‘Categories‘ drop-down listing all sections & sub-sections of my posts. For example, if you’d like to listen specifically to songs from Brazil, you’d scroll down to ‘World Music Monday,‘ and select ‘South America.’ But if you’re a voyeur of nasty secrets, and want to know how medieval people went to the bathroom, you’d scroll down to ‘Medieval Monday‘ and select ‘Poo-Pee Posts.’

 My most popular posts are also in the Home page sidebar, under “Visitor Faves,” and here are a few of my own faves:

Shangri-La       A Day in the Life: Wealthy/Middle Class       The Magic in Believing   Sweet Memory of Afghanistan      Phantom      All Hail Fallacious History    Flipsyde: Movie Talk   Bloody Bitches: Pliny’s Pros & Other Cons      The Journalistic Notion of Objectivity: Missing White Girl Syndrome   The American Smile     Animal Bytes     Royal Poo-Pee

I’ve arranged my entire blog into sections, so you know what you’re getting. I post in each section every other week, toggled so that you always receive at least 3 postings per week in alternating sections.

Mondays is for music lovers with a taste for something different…and also for those who like to time-travel backwards into the private nasties of medieval life.

Tuesdays, I blather about whatever has most recently crossed my mind, my heart, or my immediate line of vision.

Wednesday is news day, when I round up interesting international news bits along with stateside news that our media is censoring, disregarding, or otherwise neglecting.

You can learn a lot about a culture by what they choose to talk about…and what they choose to ignore.

Thursdays, though not designated for anything in particular, begins a trek into The Blaque. Though I don’t set up camp there until Fridays, this intro prepares the mind & soul by illuminating dark corners with Blaque Diamonds….interesting quotes about life, people, nature…whatever I come across that informs, inspires or entertains.

Fridays we do the twist – a mind twist, that is. I reach in and open your mind, challenging your perspective on other cultures & alternate viewpoints.

Fridays is also when we’re fully In The Blaque – the place where I let more of me hang out (okay, wait…that didn’t come out quite right). What I mean is, it’s where I freely emote via my weekly Blaque List, and share my writing works-in-progress in Blaque Book.

Saturdays are all about the Smackdown, knocking some sense into the ignorami (not really a word, but should be).

Sunday is happy-smile day. I find sweet, funny, feel-good bits of yum to roll around your psyche, and wash built-up week grime away.


In the expression of my innards (eww…wrong word, but you get the drift) and transient obsessions, I’ve created snuggly & blood-curdling corners for everyone.

Sup it all, or just the days you like.

And let me hear from you!

I love love LOVE comments!

It’s how we get to know each other, how I discover what’s important to you, what your thoughts & feelings are so I can learn from you.

Looking forward to cyber-meeting you!


Have a sweet week!

Sylver Blaque


50 thoughts on “Virgin Visit? Start Here!

  1. Serendipity, came for one reason, stayed for all the others, and the best author bio/life/career ever penned. Would the journalist like the biggest challenge to float an impossible book? You may be in Azerbaijan…?

  2. Your blog really is addictive! One finds themselves glued to your blogs! Sylver, your writing is amazing, keep blogging! 🙂
    Following you, to stay updated about the posts in near future! 😀

  3. I’m glad I visited your blog – I have traveled a lot as well, and your pages here transport me – Thanks! I seem to be entering a phase of more inner introspection and letting go of more and more concepts about life and what it is all about. The view I am getting through that process is enticing. It is very challenging to bring it into words, so I appreciate the verve with which you have thrown yourself into this fireworks of expression called Sylver Blaque!

    • Hi, Kerry-Ann! Thanx for visiting. So happy you’re enjoying my blog. I like yours, as well. Loved & learned a lot from your posts about Jamaican currency. I always collect currency from every country I visit, and your posts made me want to round it all up into an international currency scrapbook.

      You Walk Good, too! 🙂

  4. dunno if anybody’s let you in on the secret yet, but just in case…crumpets are like english muffins cut in half, but a little bit better than that. because there’s none of that weird grainy powder on them, and the top bit is all filled with the holes you find in an english muffin, but smoothed out, sort of. one toasts them and butters them, and then often adds a bit of jam or marmelade or somesuch to make them sweet and salty and greasy and delish! so there you have it.

  5. I just found you, which made me super happy. I am still experimenting with blogging and having fun, and reading other blogs is fantastic, specially when it is as great as yours. I do need to say that I adore your palmtrees on the top picture, it reminds me of the beach and the huts I slept in when I was in Thailand long time ago!

    • Thank you! I love the Dalai Lama post on your blog – left me feeling good all day. 🙂 Thailand must have been wonderful – I’ve never been there but it’s on my list. My palm trees header & background are of a beachy jungle I lived in for awhile in Mexico. Was on my way home from Cuba but never quite made it back after stumbling onto that sliver of paradise. The huts were as primitive as it gets; a hammock, dirt floor…that’s it – I was Jane of the Jungle! No other humans were around – but plenty of other creatures. It was like living on your own private island. Sigh!

      I’m happy to have you as a new follower of my blog! 🙂

    • what she said– also– you seem to, like me, both write a lot and have heaping swarms of fiction lying around? Have you been published yet? Are you pursuing/interested? I’m currently querying a short story at various semi-professional magazines, literary reviews etc. All rejections so far, but I just began really. .Anyhow, I need to go to bed now. nice to meet you

      • Nice to meet you, too! Yep, heaping swarms of fiction (& non-fiction, in the form of my travel journals). Not published yet, but will be soon. Working on 2 books at the mo, but school work keeps me from writing as much as I would love to. Good luck with your queries! Just never throw in the towel, and definitely never stop writing! 😉

  6. Howdy –

    Wanted to stop by to have a look at your blog and say thanks for stopping by mine today. I’m glad you did. I’m going to enjoy reading yours too !

  7. Your writing style is delightful and you are living the life of my dreams. I wanted to be a journalist ever since I was a little girl.. well either that or Indiana Jones. =) Except I didn’t want to be working for the local paper doing boring lifestyle columns I wanted to be doing the kind of journalism that makes a difference…. you know the kind that is just as likely to get your killed as it is to make things change. I guess being either Indiana Jones or an Investigative journalist isn’t very practical now that I am a mother of five. I am sure my hubby and kids would prefer it if mom didn’t spend her days trying to escape booby trapped tombs and her nights dodging bullets. =)

    • Thank you for the compliment [blush].

      Indiana Jones sounds waaay more exciting than journalist. But since I can’t be him, I guess gypsy-journalist will have to suffice. And listen, mom-of-5, grab hubby & the kids, pack ’em up, and drag ’em into your adventure – they’ll love it (and will thank you each time they survive a booby trap)! 😛

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