Coca-Cola: Not “The Real Thing” in India

coca-cola-sucking-well-dry-in-indiaAh, Coca-Cola.

Refreshing, thirst-quenching, delicious.

As American as baseball and apple pie.


Not in India.

Although Western mainstream media headlined Coca-Cola’s plans to increase its market share in India by $5 billion, what it failed to mention is that communities located near the beverage giant’s India bottling plants are not exactly rolling out the red carpet.

According to the India Resource Center (IRC), “Communities across India living around Coca-Cola’s bottling plants are experiencing severe water shortages, directly as a result of Coca-Cola’s massive extraction of water from the common groundwater resource. The wells have run dry and the hand water pumps do not work any more.”

As detailed by the IRC, further impingements upon Indian communities by Coca-Cola include:

  • polluting groundwater & soil with waste from its plants, rendering the community’s drinking water “unfit for human consumption
  • selling toxic waste to Indian farmers as “fertilizer
  • selling its product in unregulated form (as outlined by the IRC, the Coca-Cola sold in India  contains arsenic and “high levels of pesticides…that could never be sold in the US or the EU”)   Continue reading

Chupke Se

Song: Chupke Se

                     ArtistA.R Rehman

                                            Country: India

                                                                    Genre: World


Mood: Bollywood love scene all the way, dude!

(Movie: “Saathiya“)


World Music Monday


Standing Babas

standing-babaYou stand.


Every minute of every day.

You do not sit, lay, or even squat.


And you do this by choice.


In one of the most fascinating countries in the world, India, there is a form of Hindu Tapa   which promises spiritual enlightenment by way of self-inflicted pain.

What kind of pain?


For 12 years.

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Di Muezzin

From the Muezzin,

             On the night I lay first with my girl,

                               The call to prayer broke night into dawn.

                                                      Aaagh, foolish wretch!

                                                                          What time is this

                                                                                         To remind a man of God?


                                                                                    Di Muezzin shab-e-vasler,

                                                                    Azan pechle rat.

                                                    Ai! Kum bakht,

                       Kia wakht he khoda yad Aya?

Mirza Ghalib (1797 – 1869)


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Animal Love


You love animals.

They are just so amazing.

Especially furry cuties.

Their little brown eyes melt you. Their fur is so soft, and soothing to run your fingers through. Their wriggly l’il bodies vibrate with excitement whenever they’re near you – they so love scurrying around your legs, rubbing up against you. Oh! And the way their precious little noses twitch makes their sweet whiskers tickle your hand.


Now, some people are animal kissers. Some, not so much. But you… you are a bonified animal smoocher. You can’t help leaning down and planting one on those shiny l’il noses, can you? I know. Me, too.

But not this time.

Not these animals.

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Are You The Perfect Girlfriend?

My foreign eyes were enchanted

by this

Times of India article on how to Be the Perfect Girlfriend.


Hard to Get” took me completely by surprise,

since the title had my mind going in the exact opposite direction!


Do you / Does your girlfriendmeet India’s criteriafor being the perfect girlfriend?

Does their criteria match our own?


Foreign Eyes Friday