Standing Babas

standing-babaYou stand.


Every minute of every day.

You do not sit, lay, or even squat.


And you do this by choice.


In one of the most fascinating countries in the world, India, there is a form of Hindu Tapa   which promises spiritual enlightenment by way of self-inflicted pain.

What kind of pain?


For 12 years.

In India, and other parts of the world, Standing Babas (aka Khareshwari) have taken a vow to never sit, lay, or even squat. They have vowed to stand for 12 years, in order to transport their psyches into a realm of spiritual awareness not experienced by sitters.


Since the 17th century, the Khareshwari traditionally stood under a tree – a connection to the Yoga position known as ‘Vrikasana’ (the Tree Position).

But today, Standing Babas stand before a small hammock on which they rest their arms during the day, and lean their torso across at night in order to sleep.

Beneath the hammock hangs a sling in which they may place one foot at a time to rest the leg, but never both at once. One leg must remain standing at all times. Years of this causes severely swollen legs and ulcerated feet, and even permanently disables the legs.

But that, believe the Standing Babas, is a small price to pay for the depth of enlightenment they receive by way of this practice.

ulcerated-foot Here is a great video about India’s Standing Babas.


We all do things in the name of religion/spirituality.

What practices do you exercise for spiritual enlightenment?

What do you think of Standing Babas?


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7 thoughts on “Standing Babas

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  2. Ha, I first read that as ~Standing BABIES~ and was like…what the hell?!?! It still pretty mad for adults. I can’t understand the amount of self discipline and faith you would need to do this.

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