Sick Snooty Loses Face to Sikh Beauty

What if one day someone took a photo of you, without your knowledge, and shared it publicly with the world?


Not a naked photo. Just a regular photo in which you are fully clothed, groomed to your normal standards, and looking beautiful.

And, what if that person who took your photo to share with the world did so, not in admiration of your beauty, but to ridicule you?

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Stinky ‘Stuff’: Can’t Get Enough

stinky-smell-faceRemember that “Yuck!” face you made at the last ‘Stinky Stuff‘ post?

Remember how I warned you to save that face for this post?

Well, warm up your “Yuck!” face muscles.

‘Cuz chances are you’ll pull something screwing up your face while reading this post!

When it comes to the question of what sparks eros, there is nothing as sublime as the strong, clear scent of one’s not-too-recently bathed beloved.”

Hugo Schwyzer


Such poetic expression of man’s love for erogenous stench.

But is Hugo alone in his rhapsody of a woman’s stinky ‘stuff‘?

What about guys who wretch rather than worship the stink? Are these guys more ‘normal’ than Hugo?

Not according to some stink lovers.

But brace yourself. Because these stinky ‘stuff’-loving voices are not quite as romantic as Hugo.

These voices are verrrry expressive about just how stinky they like their ‘stuff.’

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Stinky ‘Stuff’: Can’t Take It

dog-sniffing-womans-crotchLet’s face it, ladies.

No matter how dainty you are, every now & then your ‘stuff’ gets stinky.

Intelligent? Good-looking? Sweet-smelling?

Fastidiously hygienic?

Guess what?

You still get stinky ‘stuff.’


The question is, to wash or not to wash?

While the answer may seem obvious to most, there are some who may need to check with their mate before lathering up. Who are these people? Well, let’s just say stinky ‘stuff‘ really gets their blood roiling.

Take Hugo, for example.

When it comes to the question of what sparks eros, there is nothing as sublime as the strong, clear scent of one’s not-too-recently bathed beloved.”


I like her best, however, when she’s home from the gym and unbathed. As she knows, my favorite vacations with her are the rustic ones, of the sort where I have a small chance of convincing her to go a day (or, God willing, several) without showering.”

Is your nose all scrunched up in a “Yuck!” face?

You might wanna save that face for Part 2 of this post.

‘Cuz it’s gonna get waaay stinkier.

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Double Trouble

Deep in the Brazilian outback, there lives a phenomenon.


A double phenomenon.

A phenomenon twice as phenomenal as your typical phenomenon.

One which began in the 1960’s, continues today, and involves Nazis, genetic experiments on pregnant women, and lots of blonde-haired/blue-eyed babies popping out twice as frequently.

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Treehouse Living



Try a treehouse!

Treehouses aren’t just for kids anymore.

In fact, historically, they never were.


British explorer Capt. James Cook detailed, in his journal, encounters in Tasmania with populations who lived high up in the trees.

During medieval times, Queen Elizabeth I often attended small dinner parties held in a treehouse on the outskirts of London.

And depraved Roman ruler, Caligula, had an enormous treehouse constructed in a forest on palace grounds in which he held upscale banquets that degenerated into wild treehouse orgies!

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Giraffe Women

Thousands of years ago, when attacks on tribes in many parts of the world was common, women in the Kayani tribes of Burma (now Myanmar) began to melt down their valuables & coil them around their necks, arms, and ankles in order to keep their treasure safe.


In the event of an attack, they would be able to escape with all their valuables in tow.

Ingenious, huh?


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Fill ‘Er Up!

Think gas prices in the U.S. turn a smile upside down?



That smile would stay on the upswing if you knew the gas prices in some other countries.

Like Turkey, for example. Or Eritrea.

How does $10 per gallon sound?


What’s it like to fill-up in other countries?

Let’s have a look…

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Flipsyde: Youth Rules

older-woman-in-bikiniShe’s old.

Well, old-er.

But you want to be open-minded. Tolerant. Inclusive.

You don’t want to be the shallow asshole who notices the sagging parts of older women.

You’re not that guy.

You are open to dating women in their 40’s. Even though you could date girls in their 20’s, and revel in their non-sagging attractions. Like lush, young breasts…firm, young bottoms…tight, young –

Okay, stop.

Not going there.

Not en route to pick up your 40-something blind date.

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You know how when a kid’s nose gets congested…


a parent will use her own mouth to suck out the snot?


[I don’t have kids, so excuse me while I projectile vomit]

Animal mothers lick snot too, right after giving birth, in order to make sure mucus isn’t clogging their newborn’s nostrils.

But they also perform a similar vomit-inducing act – to the other end.


I know.

Two words that should remain as far away from each other as possible.

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The Most Happy

happy-danish-womanSocial scientists have created a World Map of Happiness by studying the overall life happiness of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe.

The results show that the happiest place on earth is Denmark.



Isn’t that a Socialist country? And, isn’t it rainy & dreary there most of the year?

Well, sort of. And yes.

Denmark isn’t completely a ‘socialist state,’ but does have socialist welfare reforms. And yes, it rains on a regular basis year-round there, with no true dry periods. In the capital, Copenhagen, it rains an average of 170 days out of the year.

But dreary? Well, maybe in winter – the sun doesn’t rise until 8am, and sets around 3:30pm. But that’s typical for Scandinavia. To balance it out, summer boasts looooong, sun-shiny days that last from sunrise at 3:30am til sunset at 10pm.

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