Friday Blaque List 28

What I’m…


Bat piss & guano.


It’s in my hair, on my shoulders, splattered across the back of my neck, and God knows where else.



We’re rescuing a colony of bats that got trapped in someone’s attic, and pooping is an animal’s fight or flight response to being captured.

But guess what?

It’s part of our fight or flight response, as well.

It’s why sometimes people get so scared they pee on themselves. Like my coworker just did because he’s never seen so many bats in person. I won’t talk about how hilarious it was to see his reaction when they all started flying around, grazing his head.


He’s in the van now, cowering.

Men. 🙄

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Soulful Choice

If you had a choice of saving the Earth and it’s inhabitants, or saving your own soul to get into Heaven, what would you choose? I choose to save the Earth and it’s inhabitants. To me that is Heaven. Being able to extend compassion and kindness to those who need a helping hand, educating on the atrocities inflicted upon animals (human and non-human) and our planet Earth. That is Heaven. As human beings, we have a responsibility to take care of the gifts that were given to us…

Shannon Wright



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Friday Blaque List 19

Where I…


At work.


Photo: Sylver Blaque / Feeding baby squirrel. We have lots of babies. Their mothers get run over by cars, and the babies starve to death without their milk (we use baby formula).


What I’m…


Surreptitiously watching a baby bear tumble around on an injured leg.

So precious!

Cannot make eye contact and cannot talk. Must even purposely frighten him on occasion. The sound of human voices accompanied by feedings & other rehabilitation caregiving would teach wildlife to trust humans, and this could be the death of them. Because after the animals are healed and re-released, they would trustingly run toward hunters rather than away from them! Continue reading

For the Love of Lions

If you ever find yourself hanging out with lions

…DON’T try THIS!


The truth is, I would so love to pal around with a pride of lions this way.

I wanna come back as this guy!


Would you…could you hang tough with lions?


Elephants Rescue Drowning Baby

I have an inexplicable affinity with elephants.

I don’t know why. I just do.


They are so intelligent, loving and attentive within their family communities, and – contrary to popular belief – quite peaceful animals.

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The Eyes Have It: Non-Hunters

no-hunting-signHave you ever wondered how hunters can kill animals for fun, sport, or any other self-satisfying reason? Or have you instead wondered why non-hunters are such bleeding hearts?

In Part 2 of this Foreign Eyes Friday, I’ve compiled quotes from critics of the hunt.

Have a look.

Are you able to see hunting through foreign eyes?



(Note: In the interest of privacy, these respondents shall remain anonymous.)

“Natural predators look for the ‘easy kill.’ They target the young, the weak, the distressed and the diseased. Those are easy kills. They do not target the strong, who easily escape them. These strong individuals survive and reproduce. Because only the strong survive to reproduce, the genes of these individuals are passed on to their descendants, strengthening the gene pool.

But human predators (namely, hunters) do not look for the ‘easy kill.’ They look for the ‘trophy kill.’ They only want the buck with the largest antler spread. This philosophy weakens the gene pool, because the healthiest individuals are “culled.”The weaker individuals remain to procreate. Having shown that the argument of the “noble, nature-loving” hunter to be weak and false, if they persist, the question is begged: “So what is the real reason you hunt?”

— Jim Blanston


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