World News Wednesday

If it bleeds, it leaves.”

Lips licking blood

That’s the motto in my newsroom.

Against an accepted journalism tenet to award priority to gushing blood, World News Wednesday will take up the slack by ferreting out the rest of the news.

In line with an accepted – though denied – journalism tenet, I will present these news items with occasional attempts at objectivity, but more often than not, with my own personal bias.

Though the news stories I cover run the gamut, the ones I focus on are less concerned with blood, and more attentive to information that our mainstream news media censors ignores or lies about revamps according to the dictates of the corporations which control own them.

So join me, as I check out global news – mainstream and alternative…old and new – bringing you the most titillating items for your commentary.

Can’t wait to hear your take on what’s happening around the world!