Healthcare in the Brazilian Amazon

What do you do for healthcare if you live in a dense rainforest?

No doctors. No ambulances. No hospital.

Twenty million-plus residents of the Archipelago of Bailique in the Brazilian Amazon rely, not only on extensive knowledge of natural healing botanicals, but also on Brazil’s military.


How do you think your family would fare living in the Amazon with intermittent military doctor visits as healthcare?


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Brazil’s Bombeiros All Fired Up

In Rio de Janeiro this week, bombeiros (firefighters) are protesting against meager pay.


Whereas U.S. firefighters are seen as heroes in American society – even more so following their valiant rescue actions during 9/11 – it seems that the bombeiros of Rio de Janeiro do not command such esteem in the eyes of Rio’s State Health Department and Civil Defense.

The Rio Times reports the average salary for a bombeiro is R$950 (aprox. US$600) per month, compared to the average U.S. firefighter salary of US$3,449 per month.

In addition, Rio’s bombeiros are subject to criminal penalties of up to eight years in prison for their public protests against paltry pay.

No wonder they’re all aflame.

Would you be?


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