Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award

I’ve won the Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award!

Fabulous-Blog Ribbon

Thank you to TheIntrinsicWriter for honoring me with this sweet award. You must check out her blog – she’s a wonderfully talented writer with great insight and riveting expression of it.

So, skipping over all the talk-about-myself requirements (because, well, you know by now that I find others way more riveting), here are the 5 fabulous nominees I’d like to pass this blog award on to:

1. Antidreck (I love this writer – I silently stalk her posts & comments because I learn so much from her direct expression. She’s a captivating essayist who tells it like it is!)

2.  Adventures of a Middle Age Mom (yummy, cute & funny posts!)

3. Shannon Wright (this in-your-face, unapologetic activist is doing so much for animals that I want to hug her every time I bump into her on the web!)

4. Hot Diggety! (a wonderfully open, inspiring author with books that entertain on so many levels and, herself, has overcome incredible strife with a fighting spirit that encourages & just makes you feel all, “I can do it!” inside!)

5. Jacqui Murray’s WordDreams (fabulous writer’s blog that stimulates the artistic muscle!)

Congrats to all you fabulous bloggers!


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7 thoughts on “Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award

    • It’s well-deserved, Jacqui. 🙂 Your blog is incredibly helpful & you are a very helpful & giving (guidance, advice, encouragement, time) person & this aspiring author appreciates it greatly!

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