Tiananmen Anniversary: China Blocks Internet Access to All References to the Event

internet_censorship_in_chinaLast week, on the 23rd anniversary of China’s 1989 June 4th Incident, the country’s ruling Communist Party enacted hardline internet censorship against all references to the 1989 anti-government demonstrations in Tiananmen Square.

The 1989 Tiananmen Square protest ended in military suppression resulting in the deaths of hundreds to thousands of protesters. An exact number of the victims has never been released by the Chinese government.

As reported by Reuters, June 4, 2012 saw Chinese internet crackdowns on specific search terms such as “six-four” (for June 4th) and “23” (for 23rd anniversary), as well as more obscure terms such as “never forget.”

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You know how when a kid’s nose gets congested…


a parent will use her own mouth to suck out the snot?


[I don’t have kids, so excuse me while I projectile vomit]

Animal mothers lick snot too, right after giving birth, in order to make sure mucus isn’t clogging their newborn’s nostrils.

But they also perform a similar vomit-inducing act – to the other end.


I know.

Two words that should remain as far away from each other as possible.

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Is China Losing It’s Grip?

china-government-censorsChina’s block & stop of information may be wearing thin.

From blocking info coming into the country by placing regulations on search engines such as Google, to stopping info going out of the country by shutting down blogs, to denying visas to foreign journalists who return to their home countries and dare to report truth, China’s censors must be exhausted.

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Hold Your Nose & Open Your Mouth…

It smelled like death. Mixed with a little urine. I can’t really tell. I seem to have sensory amnesia when I attempt to recall what I experienced.

— Wandering American



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Made in China

made-in-china-american-flagNothing is more American than baseball, apple pie…and the phrase “Made in China.”

A phrase so ubiquitous in the U.S.                     that jokes about it abound…

 “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and Earth…the rest was Made in China.”

“The economy is so bad, that ‘Made in America’ stickers are now being made in China.”

Made  in China


Will China be officiating at our funeral?

According to journalist David Sirota’s “The Lesson of the Chinese Invasion,” the “funeral procession” may have already begun.


What do you think?

Should we all be all wearing black?


World News Wednesday


Photo: Laura Padgett

Chinese Apple

China Mobile Chairman Wang Jianzhou and Apple CEO Steve Jobs are in discussions to create a customized iPhone for the carrier’s specialized TD-SCDMA network.

According to a report by TNW’s Matthew Panzarino, “China Mobile has 616 million subscribers, more than any other wireless company in the world, and would be a huge new market for Apple’s iPhone.”


As well, China Telecom – the smallest of China’s three telecommunications carriers – is also in iPhone negotiations with Apple.

According to a Reuters Canada report, “China Telecom competes with China Mobile Ltd and China Unicom, and would only increase handset subsidies if it started selling iPhones to draw more users to use its network.

China Smackdown On U.S.

Following Standard & Poor’s downgrading of the U.S. credit rating, China – the largest foreign holder of U.S. debt – demanded the U.S. government to “confront its addiction to debt,” and “come to terms with the painful fact that the good old days when it could just borrow its way out of messes of its own making are finally gone.”


China's Premier Wen Jiabao

China predicts “global financial turbulence if the US fails to learn to “live within its means.”


What do you think about this?

Do we Americans live within our means?


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No YouTube?

 you-tube-censored-china-logoYouTube banned!

Can you imagine?

If you lived in China, you wouldn’t have to.

According to an NPR interview with University of Michigan computer science professor, Alex Halderman, China is YouTube-free.

Internet censorship is a fact of life there. But Halderman has come up with a way to help Chinese citizens find their way to the Tube.

It’s called Telex, and he helped develop this system which can subvert Chinese government blocks.

Says Halderman, “So if you’re in China, and you want access to a banned site like YouTube, you just type YouTube.com into your browser, and the Telex station will see that connection, and disguise it as something innocuous. You might be watching YouTube, but to a censor, it will just seem as if you’re visiting a harmless, non-blocked site.

I’m getting James Bond vibes.

What about you?


What do you think about China’s YouTube ban?


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Shangri La

woman-surrounded-by-menWhat if, in America, we raised girls on the belief that one-night stands, and temporary relationships are far preferable, not to mention more pleasurable, than tethering to one guy for the rest of their lives?

(Ladies, stop salivating. It’s not attractive.)


Well, if you’re female, and move to The Women’s Kingdom in China, your typical evening may go something like this:

Bootie call. (By you. Not him.)

Orgasmic scream. (Complete with eyes rolled into back of head, curled toes, and after-spasms.)

But this is a real one.

Not one of your Oscar-worthy, what-the-hell-is-he-doing-I’ve-got-to-get-this-over-with orgasmic performances you’ve been conditioned to give in your old culture. (Guys, don’t bother asking. We’ll just assure you that you’re the exception.)

This screaming orgasm is the real deal.


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American Midwife Exposes Fake Apple Stores in China


An American midwife doing an undercover sting operation in China?

You bet!

Her name is ‘Bird,’ she lives abroad, and she discovered 5 fake Apple stores in Kunming, China.

Following her discovery, hundreds of other bloggers weighed in about fake Apple stores in other countries such as Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Venezuela, Columbia, Burma…well, I guess, pick a country and there’s probably a fake Apple store on a main street in a big city somewhere.

Including Flushing, New York!


Check out the LA Times story on her, and the ‘Bird’s own documentation on her blog.

Photos: Courtesy of birdabroad.wordpress.com