We live in a world of infinite diversity filled with all sorts of interesting people. We can either choose to meet them and hear their stories – or we can allow our prejudices to limit our experiences and live our lives in cultural poverty. How we travel on our journey is up to each of us.”




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Post-Zombie Reflections

zombieSo, as you know, zombies took over my blog last week.

It was a horrific experience, initially.

I cowered in a corner of my office, trembling. I didn’t move to eat or sleep, and I dared not think because I was terrified they’d sense my brain pulsating and rip into it.

But then something strange happened.

As I watched their black blood stain my blog, I began to like them.

Now, I know liking zombies may be outside the realm of understanding for even the most tolerant of us. But honestly, they’re not so bad.

Yeah, okay, they eat people and all. But they only do that to survive. They don’t enjoy it.

Okay, maybe they do.

But if there was something else on the menu that would keep them undead, I’m sure they’d eat that instead. Eating our brains isn’t a personal attack on us.

Well, maybe it is.

But they don’t mean for it to be.

Perhaps we can look at it as a sort of flattery instead. I mean, of all the brains on the planet that zombies could dig into, they choose ours. Tell me that doesn’t make you feel special. Of course it does.


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Whose Truth?

bacteriaNasty, putrid things are growing inside me like a cancer.

A result of ‘truth.’

Which is supposed to be a good thing, right?

But this is the kind of ‘truth,’ I believe, most of us turn away from.


It’s a kind of knowledge that makes you question things you once thought unquestionable.

Things that, deep down, you know may not be the whole truth – because you’ve heard the rumblings of a different truth. But that different truth messes with your head…messes with your ideology…messes with your comfort zone.

And that different truth comes from people you can’t relate to.

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