Zombie Discrimination

This Halloween Smackdown goes to the growing trend to discriminate against a portion of our society who have no control over their no-longer-human proclivities.


Yes. I’m talking about zombies.

As unconscionable as it is to treat the living dead as if they were no longer human, this particular holiday allows anti-zombie bigots to unleash their own brand of brain-dead discriminatory action.

Such as mocking those with different nutritional requirements than ourselves, by dressing in torn rags and pretending to chomp on all manner of manufactured “brains.” While doing so, they drag their feet, and moan intelligibly – insensitive antics at which their bigoted brethren laugh like an uncouth pack of hyenas.

It makes the rest of society sick to our collective stomachs!

But don’t take my word for it. Here is just a tiny sliver of the massive undead discrimination which proliferates across political, economic, and cultural lines.

Just search undead discrimination” on YouTube and you will be rewarded with hours upon hours of this most shameful underbelly of the world’s most blatant and unabashed form of bigotry.

Hatred of the living dead.


If you are the perpetrators of such shameful prejudice,

please explain why. 

If you are the victim of undead discrimination,

share your Smackdown!


Zombiphobia Smackdown

4 thoughts on “Zombie Discrimination

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    • I feel your pain. People who react negatively to your stench are not worth the soap they bathe with. I only hope they are not reacting this way to your zombie kids as well. That would be inexcusable! No zombie child should be exposed to such bigotry.

      Here’s my suggestion: the next time anyone screws up their face at your stench, why not envelope them in it? Literally. Follow them for a bit, wait for a good wind, then lumber up to them on your good leg, spread what’s left of your rotting arms, and let the breeze suffocate their bigoted ass.

      This will not only solve your problem and teach them a lesson, it will be very entertaining for your zombie kids! ; – >

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