Spain’s Stolen Babies


Heinous crime beyond belief.

But what if it was all about belief?

Not money. Not pedophilia.


A belief promoted by the government as a means of supporting the country’s politics.

This is exactly what happened in Spain, according to a report by Time World: “Spain’s Stolen-Babies Scandal: Empty Graves and a Silent Nun.

In the years just after Spain’s civil war, Spanish dictator Francisco Franco arrested tens of thousands of former Republicans and other dissidents. The children of these dissidents were taken away from their families and placed in state-run orphanages or convents to be reassigned to families “whose values better coincided with the regime’s.”

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Spain Defends Bullfighting

Culture correspondent and author Mary Elizabeth Williams explores Spain’s “artistic discipline” of bullfighting, and the suffering it imposes upon bulls.

bullfighter-in-ring-with-cape-and bull

Supporters of the sport cite its cultural value, while detractors say that bullfighting is blatant animal torture.


What do you think about bullfighting?


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