Legacy of the Arab Spring

It’s a global insurrection against terrorist bankers, dictators, crooked oligarchs and deceitful politicians.”


I am amazed by the world-wide protests happening simultaneously.

The way I see it, there are 2 ways to look at this

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Egypt Revolution: It Ain’t Over

egypt-revolution-tahrir-squareWe watched from around the globe, in admiration and awe, as Egyptians converged upon Tahrir Square in a unified, and mostly peaceful people’s revolution which toppled a delusional dictator.

A dictator so delusional that amid his people’s consistent, angry chants of “Leave! Leave! Leave!”, he still insisted, “They truly love me.”

But Egyptians made clear that “love” was not the emotion spurring them to wrench free from a leader who had led them slowly into a sort of living death. “Bread! Freedom! Social Justice!” was their cry – tenets which democracies take for granted.

Things we take for granted.

But now, months after the uprising, the path to these basic tenets has yet to clear. In fact, Egyptians appear to be gearing up once again to continue their fight for simple freedoms the rest of us don’t think twice about.

Foreign Policy magazine reporter Sharif Abdel Kouddous picks up the story fading from the rosters of mainstream Western media.


What do you think about what’s happening in Egypt?


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