Kill Thy Neighbor?


Serial killers.

Can’t live with them…wait a minute.

Some of us do.



Here’s a bit of logic to consider: Most serial killers look nice and respectable. Your neighbor looks nice and respectable. Therefore your neighbor may be the next Jeffrey Dahmer.

Makes sense, right?

Not according to The Atlantic reporter Edward Tenner. “Obviously, Ted Bundy wouldn’t have gotten very far if he had looked like Boris Karloff,” writes Tenner. But he adds, “Before you start peering into the Smiths’ basement, consider that the higher the case’s profile, the more controversial profiling has been.”


Could your respectable neighbor be a serial killer?


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Jack the Ripper Unveiled?



I have for years suffered from a singular disease which induces an all-absorbing passion, this passion manifests itself in a desire to kill and mutilate every woman who falls in my way. I am unable to control myself.


So confessed top Jack the Ripper suspect Carl Feigenbaum, according to a BBC report by University of Dundee forensic anthropologist Dr. Xanthe Mallett. Feigenbaum made the confession to his attorney, William Lawton, who “watched his client die in the electric chair.”

Dr. Xanthe Mallet reveals an e-kit which finally puts a face on the top suspect of this 123 year old serial killer legend.