romney-chameleonLet’s face it, when you are debating someone who just completely lies every time he opens his mouth it can be difficult.

Mitt Romney told so many whoppers and shifted his position so many times last night that debating him had to be like parallel parking an 18 wheeler in a moving parking space.”

–John Cole (Balloon Juice)


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Romney/Santorum = Clueless Millionaire for President?

romney-nascarGOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney‘s speech at Detroit’s Ford Field reveals him to be “an average motor head.” Though, according to Stephen Colbert, that depends on your definition of ‘average.’

When asked how closely he follows NASCAR racing, Romney answered, “Not as closely as some of the most ardent fans, but I have some great friends that are, uh, NASCAR team owners.”

Quips Colbert, “If [Romney] wants to win, he should do more of this ‘regular guy’ stuff that he obviously loves.”

As for Rick Santorum, says Colbert, this GOP presidential candidate is “preparing for his real opponent, President Obama.Continue reading