Cuba Changes…But for Whom?


Raul Castro

The Miami Herald reports this week that Cubans in Cuba are not benefiting from the modernization their new leader is implementing throughout the country.

Results from a survey conducted by the International Republican Institute (IRI) showed a “growing disgruntlement among huge majorities of younger Cubans, hinted that optimism is creeping up, and showed an odd slip in those who favor capitalism and democracy.”

Why no warm fuzzies among younger Cubans about capitalism and democracy in Cuba?

After more than a year of hearing about reforms in Cuba, adults over 18 don’t see any differences in their lives economically,” says IRI Latin American director Alex Sutton.

So, who is benefiting from the changes being made in Cuba?

Wealthy foreigners. And tourists.

In a modern era déjà vu of Cuba’s colonial and U.S.-occupied history, foreigners are once again reigning supreme in Cuba.

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Oil in Cuba Worries U.S.

oil-drillingIn a move that has the U.S. worried, a Spanish oil company’s deep-water rig is making its way toward the Gulf of Mexico and waters just off Cuba to drill for commercially exploitable quantities of oil beneath the island’s waters.

The worry for President Obama?

What to do about it.

As reported by Al Jazeera‘s Jim Lobe, the discovery of oil for Cuba may “provide a windfall for Havana that will be used to help sustain the Communist government led by President Raul Castro.”

As sustenance of Cuba is something the U.S. has spent the last half-century attempting to thwart, the progress of this oil drilling will no doubt be watched closely by President Obama, as well as anti-Castro Cuban-Americans and other right-wing lawmakers, environmental and anti-embargo groups, and business associations that want to increase trade with Havana.


Do you see the discovery of oil in Cuba as a positive or negative outcome?


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