Slugs vs. Geckos

morning-sleepy-personYou are not a morning person.

At all.

Mornings for you, no matter how well you’ve slept, mean shuffling sluggishly through a thick fog that takes a full hour to clear.

Silence is key.

Your brain synapses are awakening verrrrry slowly.

Average-decibel sounds are magnified. Normal motion is a full-on attack to your somnolent senses. Aggressive interaction could possibly knock you into a coma.

No, you don’t drink. You’re not on drugs. You’re not in a bad mood, either. This is just your physical make up, it’s how you’re programmed.

You are a morning slug.

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Horror Movie Medley

Halloween’s coming for us…again!

But if you’re reading this, you’ve survived it before so no worries this time around.



Let’s see if you survive this horror movie medley with the lights out!


Random Zombie Tuesday 


Zombie Movie Medley

little-zombiePop in your eyes, and ogle this great zombie video collection, called ZomboMania: The History of the Zombie Movie.

It has over 30 mini-movie compilations that takes you through the entire history of zombie movies from b/w’s to the present day.

I spent a Saturday watching them all, and they are riveting in the scene selections and sheer volume of zombie movies from the past that I never knew existed.


There are talking zombies, and tongue-kissing/eating zombies, Harley-riding zombies, and even brain-not-so-dead zombies that flip the script by beheading people with sickles and machetes!

Moving forward in time, here’s another brain-chomping video compilation of the Top 10 Zombie Movies of the 21st century.


Dig your faves out of your brain & smear us with ’em!


Random Zombie Tuesday