Weapons of Poor Destruction

middle-class-group-of-peopleWeapons of mass destruction are taking a back seat to a more imminent threat on the horizon: the destruction of America’s poor and middle class.

As detailed by political scientist Frances Fox Piven of the Graduate School of the City University of New York, there’s a secret war against the poor in America.

Secret, because according to Piven, “You wouldn’t have found the casualty figures from this particular conflict in your local newspaper or on the nightly TV news. Devastating as it’s been, the war against the poor has gone largely unnoticed – until now.”

In an in-depth opinion piece for Al Jazeera news, Piven connects the historical dots behind the Occupy Wall Street movement.


Why do you think of mainstream news media’s scant coverage of the disappearing middle-class, and the poor?


World News Wednesday