How Could They Glom Like That??

What if you could never be alone?

Not ever.

Not in your bedroom. Not in the bathroom.

photo-swarm of-cockroaches-bugs-insects

Not even when you masturbate.

Every waking/sleeping moment of your life, someone is right beside you, in front of you, behind you.

And not someone of your choosing. Someone else. Someone you may or may not be related to, may or may not like. They could be male, female, or more than likely, a few dozen of each.

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A Poo-Pee Post: What if there were no doors on public bathroom stalls?

toilet-in-a-forestSo, you walk into a public bathroom and pick your toilet.

No need to worry about peeking around the door to check if the toilet is clean.

There are no doors.

There are no toilets.

And toilet paper won’t be an issue because there isn’t any. It hasn’t been invented yet.

Neither have bathrooms.

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