Mayor Bloomberg Bemoans OWS Police Injuries, But Not a Word Spoken About THIS

police-pepper-spray-seated-protesters-at-uc-davisIt’s true what they say.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Take note that these officers stood over these students, and pepper sprayed them while they were sitting. 

However, with corporate-owned U.S. news outlets overwhelmingly focused on the trials and tribs of corporations, their ruling moguls, and OWS police officers, it seems that Americans must turn to alternative news sources – including foreign news media – to get accurate reports of the other side of the Occupy Wall Street story.

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OWS: What We’d Never Know Without Alternative News Sources

The Colbert Report puts police brutality of U.C. Berkeley students into perspective with a video that, apparently, he’s the only journalist with the balls to show it on national television.


Yes, I called Stephen Colbert a journalist.

He earns this title for bringing us vital OWS news items that our major news outlets are apparently censoring.

If you’re not a corporate mogul whose wealth is threatened by the OWS movement, or on the police forces they’re using to squash it, then your amusement will turn to outrage midway through this video.


What’s your reaction to this video?


Random Topic Tuesday

Google Upholds Constitution

The Huffington Post reports that more than one unnamed U.S. law enforcement agencies have petitioned Google to remove YouTube videos showing police brutality.


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