Mayor Bloomberg Bemoans OWS Police Injuries, But Not a Word Spoken About THIS

police-pepper-spray-seated-protesters-at-uc-davisIt’s true what they say.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Take note that these officers stood over these students, and pepper sprayed them while they were sitting. 

However, with corporate-owned U.S. news outlets overwhelmingly focused on the trials and tribs of corporations, their ruling moguls, and OWS police officers, it seems that Americans must turn to alternative news sources – including foreign news media – to get accurate reports of the other side of the Occupy Wall Street story.

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Journalist Arrested While Covering Occupy Oakland Protest

susie-cagleThis Smackdown goes to Oakland, CA police for dragging a journalist to jail along with Occupy Oakland protestors this week.

As reported from Oakland by ABC’s Ama Daetz, freelance journalist Susue Cagel “did everything she was supposed to.” However, Cagle’s obedience did not keep Oakland police from arresting her anyway.

Could Cagel’s arrest have something to do with the fact that she videotaped Oakland police clashing with protestors the week before?

A clash in which a witness says, “I don’t think it was right, how [the police] attacked everyone…and the kids…and hit the lady with a baton…“, and in which ABC reporter Terry McSweeny says, “A woman there [was] hit in the head by a beanbag fired by police. She suffered a cut forehead.” Additionally, police “fired tear gas at least 5 times,” says ABC news reporter Amy Hollyfield.


Do you think it’s coincidence that this journalist was arrested the week after she filmed police treatment of protestors?


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