Was There Lotion in the Making of Bodies in Motion?

bodies-in-motion-montageThese are the words that came to mind as I watched this video:

  • Icky
  • Creepy
  • Peeping Tom
  • Exploitation
  • Men edited this


The super slow-mo’s on ass & crotch-shots, the numerous ass shots, the girls hugging while patting each other’s ass shots, and the creepy porn soundtrack made me wonder how many NBC executive erections this soft-porn-disguised-as-Olypmpic-footage video went through before airing.

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Blade Runner


Oscar Pistorius

Does a runner with no legs have an advantage over other runners?

Hang on.

Runner with no legs?

Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Not if you’re Oscar Pistorius, the world’s first double-amputee athlete to compete at the Olympics.

But if you do happen to be Oscar Pistorius, don’t expect everyone to cheer you on. And don’t count on prosthetics to be your saving grace in the 2012 London games. Those life-altering prosthetics may turn out to be your downfall.

Says Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Sun Times, “I think those blades give the South African runner a competitive advantage, and that he shouldn’t have been allowed to participate in the Olympics.”

Morrissey is not alone in his criticism of the use of prosthetics in the Olympics.

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2016 Olympics: Will Brazil Be Ready?

Brazil’s booming economy heralds a bright future for the country. But will its hosting of the 2016 Olympics be just as bright…or will it be an infrastructure nightmare?


According to Time2014 Soccer World Cup preparations in Rio de Janeiro are “late and over budget,” with Brazilian officials admitting they “took so long to start work at some sites that temporary structures may have to be used.”

Other infrastructure problems plague preparation for the 2016 Summer Olympics, as well. Time reports, “The proposed bullet train between Rio and São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, stalled in the planning stages,” and “…public-works programs across the country are routinely late, over budget and subpar: new metro lines often shut down during rush hours, cracks have appeared in recently built government buildings and highways have developed craters just months after being inaugurated.”

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