romney-chameleonLet’s face it, when you are debating someone who just completely lies every time he opens his mouth it can be difficult.

Mitt Romney told so many whoppers and shifted his position so many times last night that debating him had to be like parallel parking an 18 wheeler in a moving parking space.”

–John Cole (Balloon Juice)


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Clipgate: Fox News Slams Obama’s Choice of Office Supplies


Never one to miss an opportunity to smear “fair and accurate” reporting across the face of President Obama, Fox News strikes again.



In the midst of all manner of headline-making national news, and international events unfolding around the globe, Fox News hones in on its idea of breaking news.

No, not the President’s unveiling of the Jobs Act, nor important details about the bill.



Instead, Fox News reports extensively on the clip used to hold the Jobs Act packet together.

That’s right.





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Obama’s Libya Strategy Proves Naysayers Wrong


There is no shortage of criticism about President Obama’s actions.

If he chooses black, opposing factions cry white. If he chooses right, the opposition cries left.



As pointed out by political writer and commentator Chris Weigant, “Whatever Obama did, there were large numbers of both Republicans and Democrats quite willing to loudly second-guess him.”

Not the least of which being Representative Dennis Kucinich who, according to Weigant, “became the first member of Congress to call for President Obama to be impeached over the Libyan war.”

The fact is that President Barak Obama has inherited a no-win office.

However, one significant Obama decision is proving his critics wrong. And as it happens, it is the very same decision which prompted Kucinich to call for the  president’s impeachment.



What is your view about Obama’s Libya decision?


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