Default Bigotry

I really have to question how much “inclusion” there actually is. 


The default person in society is the most privileged – a cis, straight, white, able bodied man. Lacking any other description, this is generally the identity we assume a character has. If we don’t mention a race, we assume Whiteness. If we don’t mention a sexuality, we assume the character is straight, etc etc. 

And this is not a good thing – we shouldn’t think that way, this shouldn’t be our assumption and this shouldn’t be a societal standard.

But it is.


If we want to change that – and we should – then I can’t see us doing it with less visible portrayals. We can’t challenge this by only having marginalised characters in a book or on a show that are apparent only to those willing to do the homework.

We need to normalise the presence of marginalised people rather than casting them as the Other…


These characters should exist, we should have the full variety of diversity in our media. But we shouldn’t have them used as an excuse for erasure or tokenism. We shouldn’t be using research-required inclusion as an excuse for not bothering with text supported portrayal.

We shouldn’t be afraid of having marginalised people in major roles who are clearly identifiable as marginalised people.

— Paul & Renee (Feministe)



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Flipsyde: Movie Talk

movie-theatreShe’s been flapping her gums ever since opening credits.

Maybe I should have bought popcorn to keep her pie hole full.

Then at least I’d have a chance to hear parts of the movie between mouthfuls.

Does she not notice the dirty looks we’re getting? The guy behind her has nudged the back of her seat twice already, and the people in the row in front of us keep turning around to glare.

Is she blind?

She’s definitely not mute.

Her mouth is a runaway train.

woman-blabbingShe’s talking to the characters in the movie, asking them questions, telling them what to do next, calling them names.

She’s got a running commentary going about the action, the dialog, the wardrobe, the plot.

She’s telling me the backstory of each actor that enters a scene. If she doesn’t know the actor or his backstory, she makes one up.

Who’s that kid? He looks familiar. He looks a lot like Heath Ledger. Wouldn’t it be funny if that was Heath Ledger’s secret kid? Like, he got some girl pregnant right before he died, and she’s keeping quiet about it because she was married and now she’s passing this kid off as her husband’s…

You mean like you’re passing yourself off as someone who’s watching a movie?

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Halloween Theme Song

Song: Halloween Theme

(Funny Version 😆 )

                       Artist: John Carpenter

                                        Country: USA

                                                          Genre: Soundtrack


Mood: Creepy as hell. Turn on the lights, close the curtains, lock the doors. And whatever you do…don’t go Trick or Treating dressed as a clown.


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